Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
1 August 2022
ICT Minister Visits Minya to Open ‘Decent Life’ Projects, Witnesses Signing of Two Agreements on Capacity Building

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat visited Minya Governorate today to open and inspect various projects implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in rural villages within the framework of the Decent Life initiative. The ICT Minister was received by Governor of Minya Osama El-Qady.
During his visit, the ICT Minister held an extensive meeting with the Governor at Minya general bureau. The meeting was attended by officials from the governorate and MCIT.
The meeting reviewed the latest developments in ICT, Post, digital capacity-building, and digital transformation projects in Minya. It also discussed the latest developments in MCIT projects in the villages targeted within Decent Life initiative.
During the meeting, Talaat praised the fruitful cooperation between MCIT and Minya Governorate to support digital transformation efforts in the governorate. He highlighted that Minya is witnessing a digital renaissance and dedication to all the pillars of Digital Egypt, which reflects that the governorate has exceptional talents and capabilities that can be leveraged and further developed.
The ICT Minster pointed out that the youth of Minya Governorate have the priority to work in the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) projects in the governorate. He called to increase the number of trainees in the Fiber Optics Training Program provided by the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI). Moreover, job opportunities for graduates of these programs will be provided so they can join the project of developing the ICT infrastructure as well as maintaining and managing the fiber optic cables installed by Telecom Egypt in villages of Minya Governorate within Decent Life initiative, he added.
Talaat is expected to inspect and open various MCIT projects in Decent Life villages, including those related to the development of the ICT infrastructure and the follow-up on the cell towers deployment plan. This is in addition to inspecting and opening post offices after their development, along with a series of events related to inspecting MCIT activities and programs in digital capacity building, especially since human development is the cornerstone of Digital Egypt strategy. He stressed that cooperation with Minya Governorate will be enhanced during the coming period to achieve more productivity.
During the meeting, the Deputy ICT Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib and the Deputy Governor of Minya Mohamed Ibrahim reviewed the most prominent achievements and future plans in cooperation projects between MCIT and Minya Governorate in institutional development and digital transformation in the governorate.
Following the meeting, Talaat and El-Qady witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MCIT and Minya Governorate regarding the institutional development of the governorate. This development would be achieved through developing and building digital capabilities for employees in the governorate and its districts and villages. This is in addition to cooperating in promoting capacity building and investing in human resources as well as building knowledge societies in Decent Life villages in Minya.
The MoU is aimed at raising the efficiency of the employees’ performance. It is also aimed at disseminating knowledge for all community groups in Decent Life villages in the governorate by keeping pace with technological development, working to enhance digital awareness and inclusion, and raising community awareness of digital transformation projects. This is in addition to organizing programs for digital economic empowerment for Decent Life villagers.
The MoU was signed by Deputy ICT Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib and the Deputy Governor of Minya Mohamed Ibrahim.
The ICT Minister and Minya Governor witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between Minya Governorate and NTI on upskilling human calibers in digital transformation units and government departments of Minya Governorate, according to the latest ICT technologies supporting all sectors. This is in addition to cooperating in preparing ICT specialists.
The protocol includes qualifying more than 1,000 trainees as a first batch in the governorate in several disciplines, including the Internet of Things (IoT), data science and Machine Learning, networks, geographic information systems (GIS), and fiber-optic cables. The training programs will be carried out at NTI branch at CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya Governorate, with some courses delivered online.
The protocol also contains providing technical consultations in the Geographic Information System (GIS) areas and training youth in infrastructure, information systems, and digital transformation. This is in addition to supporting and developing the technical skills of employees in government departments by training them in networks and cybersecurity. This is along with qualifying recruits from Minya Governorate for the labor market in the ICT field.
According to the protocol, trainees receive an integrated program of specialized courses as well as practical training according to the labor market needs in ICT, during the training. Training will provide international certificates from international companies in certain courses. Furthermore, a group of youth will also be trained as certified trainers.
The protocol was signed by the Deputy Governor of Minya Mohamed Ibrahim, and NTI Director Iman Ashour.
Talaat and El-Qady inspected the Department of Digital Transformation and Information Systems in Minya Governorate. The Department was established and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
In a related context, the ICT Minister and Minya Governor met with a group of youth and graduates enrolled in training programs at CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya. An open dialogue took place between the ICT Minister and various young people who received MCIT training programs at CREATIVA Innovation Hub. He also listened to the experiences of several young people- the graduates of the training programs provided through CREATIVA.
Talaat emphasized that MCIT strategy is aimed at establishing a CREATIVA Innovation Hub in each governorate with investments of EGP 4.2 billion. Moreover, he invited youth to learn about MCIT different initiatives and complete the learning and development process to keep pace with global technological developments.
During the meeting, the CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) Amr Mahfouz indicated that more than 2,600 young people were trained through the programs provided by ITIDA inside CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya. Around 70 startups were incubated at all stages, including startups that succeeded in obtaining fund.
The Chairwoman of the Information Technology Institute (ITI) Heba Saleh declared that more than 2,000 young people were trained in ITI programs at CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya. Furthermore, young people enrolled in freelancing skills programs achieved returns amounting to about USD 26,000 through freelancing platforms before graduating from ITI scholarships, she added.
Ashour reviewed NTI efforts within CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya, where nearly 1,500 young people were trained.
At the end of the meeting, Talaat and El-Qady handed over certificates to some graduates of the training programs provided by CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya.
MCIT is deploying CREATIVA Innovation Hubs nationwide to foster creativity, encourage and stimulate innovative work, support entrepreneurs, and provide technical training to qualify young people for the requirements of the local and international markets in ICT and entrepreneurship.
The Hubs boast specialized technical laboratories, centers for holding trainings, seminars and workshops, and technology incubators to create and develop startup capabilities and link youth with investors and major global and local companies working in the fields of supporting creativity and entrepreneurship.
The first phase of the project included the establishment of eight CREATIVA Innovation Hubs. Currently, 19 Hubs are being established.
Inspecting and opening various ICT and Post projects are going to be included in the program of Talaat’s visit to Minya Governorate within Decent Life initiative in the villages of the governorate.
The ICT Minister is expected to open two post offices in the governorate. He inspected the FTTH project site in Maasara Village within Decent Life initiative. Furthermore, he inspected the progress of the training process at Telecom Egypt’s Training Center in El Minya El Gadida and the training performance in digital capacity building and digital literacy programs for citizens of Decent Life villages. Talaat will also participate in a digital awareness session for villagers of Maasara Village in Mallawi.

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