23 April 2017
ICT Minister Opens Second Social Responsibility Conference for ICT Sector

ICT Minister: MCIT is tasked with creating citizens’ databases and identifying the needs of the community

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady inaugurated, today, the second Annual Conference on Social Responsibility for the ICT sector, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), under the theme “Power in Partnership". The Conference seeks to highlight the importance of having new partners to the work system for the development of society.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Local Development Hisham El Sherif and the Governor of Giza Kamal El-Daly. This is in addition to a number of top social responsibility officials in Egypt, representatives of international companies, major civil society organizations (CSOs) and a number of government officials.

In his speech at the opening session, ElKady said that MCIT has developed a strategy for social responsibility so that technology and communications can serve the community, in cooperation with all concerned and interested parties in developing society including the state, the private sector and civil society entities.  MCIT is leading a number of projects to achieve the strategy objectives and motivate partners. 80% of the social responsibility projects and businesses are conducted by international and local companies operating in the sector. ElKady added that MCIT is responsible for establishing citizens’ databases and identifying the needs of the community, pointing out that social responsibility is a collective act, responsibilities of which must be shared by the entire sector, not MCIT alone.

The Conference is within the framework of implementing the Social Responsibility Strategy launched by MCIT in December 2013, which was developed in partnership with various partners in the sector in order to adapt ICT applications and unify efforts of the three development partners —the Private Sector, the Government Sector and CSOs— through their social responsibility. They seek to contribute in adapting technology to serve needy people, and marginalized and poor areas, thereby contributing to achieving a comprehensive social justice, facilitating the provision of education and health services for poor areas, empowering Persons with Disabilities (pwDs) and developing skills of young people, especially needy people.

During the opening session of the Conference, the telemedicine project in Fayoum, Giza and the Red Sea governorates was launched. This is in addition to launching the website of the ICT sector for social responsibility.

The Conference showcased the projects implemented through a partnership between MCIT and ICT companies, including the technological development project of 48 community centers equipped with the latest ICT equipment in five governorates, through which more than 20,000 young men and women were trained. This is in addition to equipping 200 community schools nationwide and providing training to orphans and inmates of the Punitive Institution.

The Conference also included sessions on the use of ICT tools for equal opportunities in education and knowledge, as well as the role of social responsibility of the ICT sector in improving the quality of life of citizens.

Telecom Egypt (TE) is one of the leading companies that participates actively in the field of social responsibility. TE is committed to improving the lives of citizens by contributing to addressing top challenges and finding practical solutions. During the past years, TE has launched a large number of community initiatives and events in the areas of health, education, empowering youth, integrating PwDs, promoting entrepreneurs and enhancing community outreach. TE has been successful in providing telecommunication services to residents of poor and marginalized areas, promoting health projects and supporting PwDs.

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