18 November 2013
First E-waste Recycling Factory Inauguration in October 6 City

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Atef Helmy and the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs (MSEA), Leila Iskandar inaugurated today the International Technology Group (ITG) factory for e-waste recycle. The factory, first of its kind in Egypt, is located at the industrial area of the 6th of October City.

The project aims to benefit from the neglected resources and electronic waste, and use them in the best way to extract precious metals which are part of different industries, like copper, gold, silver, platinum, iron, aluminum, tin, plastic and others.

 The newly established factory recycles laptops, mobile devices, printers, network devices, cables, faxes and photocopiers among many others, relying on the latest technologies and environmental-friendly production lines.

Giza governor, Ali Abdel Rahman, IT chamber president at the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Khaled Ibrahim attended the inaugural, along with a number of executive leaders concerned with ICT and environment protection. 

The new factory will provide job and training opportunities for youth in new fields like environment technology that aims to protect the ecosystem by recycling e-waste in safe and healthy methods.

A number of 340 direct and indirect job opportunities were provided by the factory. According to the factory, and its future prospects by December 2014 is to reach 1250 between direct and indirect job opportunities.

This is to spread the awareness of the hazardous effects of e-waste unhealthy treatment and the importance of providing raw material for the local industry instead of relying on importation, and hence, save foreign currencies.

 On the sideline of the inauguration events, Helmy and Iskandar signed a cooperation protocol between the two ministries to activate environmental-friendly communications and information technology (ICT). 

 The protocol comes as part of the ongoing efforts aiming to maximize the eco-friendly ICT tools to push forward towards an eco-friendly economy and support different patterns of sustainable development in the field, being a main development pillar locally, regionally and internationally.

 The three-year protocol contributes to the development of sustainable development policies on the national level and accelerate the economic development through encouraging investments in eco-friendly ICTs.

Moreover, the protocol aims to establish national foundations and policies through supporting the ICT infrastructure and increasing MSEA productivity and raising awareness of society towards “ICT and environment: opportunities and challenges”, building capacities and specialized calibers in the field of green ICT.

This is in addition to developing the concept of reserves management through documenting its contents, making information accessible to future projects and establishing digital photo gallery for plants, animals, immigrating birds to be used in future printing materials to introduce plants and animals.

The protocol entails seven pillars in the following programs: e-waste sustainable management, ICT purchases sustainable management, ICT use to fight climate change, raising awareness, developing MSEA infrastructure and productivity, MSEA human resources development, documentation and renewal of the natural reserves management in Egypt.  

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