Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development

Get Online

Get Online project aims to promote the use of technology in general and raises awareness about special features of ICT tools use, thereby allowing the youth to benefit of available online opportunities. This is in addition to supporting the role of technology skills in individuals’ everyday life.

Get Online works on improving education for both youth and adults by using technical skills at technical learning centers. Microsoft Egypt, Telecenter Europe and the global Telecenter Foundation are partners in this project.

Microsoft offers training on technical skills to help individuals improve their living standards and working conditions. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Telecenters networks in Europe and the Middle East in order to implement the Getonlineweek-MENA campaign.  


§ Encourage the use of technology in general
§ Raise awareness on the privileges of using IT tools, thereby allowing youth to benefit from opportunities available online
§ Promote technical skills role in the daily lives of individuals 

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