4 August 2016
MCIT Delivers Tablets to Students with Disabilities in Hurghada

The ICT Minister’s Advisor for Social Responsibility and Services Abeer Shakweer— on behalf of the ICT Minister Yasser ElKady—along with the Governor of Red Sea Ahmed Abdullah delivered, today, 130 tablets to students with visual, hearing and mental disabilities in Hurghada, provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

The project is within the framework of MCIT plan to equip schools with various devices, technologies including assistive, educational and entertainment software to support students with disabilities. The project also includes the delivering of training courses for students with various disabilities to be trained on how to deal with tablets and their software.

Shakweer has stated that the tablets delivered to students have a number of supportive, educational and entertainment programs that match each disability type. The most important program is the standardized sign language dictionary developed by MCIT, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to serve students with hearing disabilities. This is in addition to the speaking programs and the special education programs for people with visual and mental disabilities.

During his visit to the Red Sea governorate in April when he inaugurated a number of ICT projects, ElKady responded to the requests of students with mental disabilities, in Hurghada’s special needs schools, who asked for tablets that have a number of specialized programs to help them in the educational process, facilitate their interaction with community and enable them to access the Internet. The ICT Minister called on the project’s officials to provide tablets for students, thereby integrating them into the community through modern technological tools.

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