17 September 2015
MCIT, NCDA Sign MoU to Support PWDs

The  Minister of Communications and Information Technology Khaled Negm and the National Council on Disability Affairs(NCDA) Secretary-General Heba Hagras signed, today, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide technology support to persons with disabilities(PWDs), in Egypt, and build their capacities.

The MoU is in the framework of activating the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) strategy aiming to adapt the ICT tools to facilitate PWDs access to services, integrate them in the community and facilitate their access to information. It is in pursuance of the international UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on which Egypt signed since 2007, and in implementation of the objectives of NCDA which is responsible for all PWDs affairs in Egypt, and places a high priority on providing technological access for PWDs in all areas.

Cooperation between the two sides, according to the one-year renewable MoU, covers many areas. As for the government program for employing PWDs, the two parties agreed that NCDA  nominates applicants for these jobs, and MCIT prepares a qualifying program for  the  requirements of these technical,  skillful and scientific jobs relevant to the ICT field through a specialized center in the field.

As for working in the private sector, the two sides agreed that NCDA will spread awareness of the training and cultural programs conducted by MCIT nationwide. MCIT, in accordance with the agreement, qualifies PWDs to work in the private sector in the ICT field in light of the available jobs and according to the conditions and skills required that can be provided by the two parties.

The parties also agreed to establish a database for PWDs number, type and rate and that NCDA provides MCIT with the necessary data in this regard, allowing it to quickly and easily obtain the necessary data to employ PWDs according to labor and other needs.

MoU items also included an agreement to communicate with the international organizations working in the field of supporting and empowering PWDS through workshops and joint activities in this field to share experiences, as well as hiring regional and international experts to build and support local and institutional capacities in the ICT field to serve PWDs in Egypt.

MCIT also expressed its willingness to create a website with high access to serve PWDs in order to activate communication mechanisms between NCDA and beneficiaries through ICT tools. A matter which allows them to follow-up on NCDA services and participate in its own work policies. It was also agreed that MCIT provides technical support to NCDA to take advantage of the outputs of “Tamkeen” competition, organized by MCIT every year, to enable developing software and applications of mobile phones for PWDs.

NCDA, in accordance with the agreement, establishes an ICT center for PWDs to support and enable them in Egypt on the use of modern technology tools, as well as adopting initiatives and competitions related to this field.

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