18 June 2019
ICT Minister Delivers Keynote Speech during IDC CIO Summit 2019

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has delivered a keynote speech, during IDC CIO Summit 2019, where he stated that the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) aims at transforming Egypt into a regional ICT hub by establishing a pool of experts, skilled calibers and trained technical personnel in all fields of modern ICTs.

Talaat also stated that the ICT sector managed to achieve a steady growth, with rates ranging from 15% to 18%, stated by the reports issued during the first three quarters of the current fiscal year. He added that the contribution of the sector to GDP is expected to reach 4% by the end of the current fiscal year, targeting to reach 8% within three years.

The fifth edition of the IDC CIO Summit 2019 is held on June 18, organized by the International Data Corporation (IDC), in partnership with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA). The Summit was attended by IDC Group Vice President and Regional Managing Director- MEA region Jyoti Lalchandani, the Acting CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) Hala El-Gohary, the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) Acting Director Eman Ashour and a number of MCIT officials.

In his speech, Talaat referred to the growing demand for ICT jobs, services, and expertise at the national and international levels. He pointed out that the increasing rates of exporting digital services reach 3.67 billion dollars during the current year, and the target is to increase this rate during the next year by exceeding 12% and the following year by 14%. He ascertained that work is underway to expand in the Arab and African countries and the European market in light of the availability of trained human resources. Enhancing cooperation was discussed with several countries, including China, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom to form partnerships in training and capacity-building fields.

Talaat added that promoting the expertise of young people in the specialized and in-depth fields in all ICT innovations is always being worked out through the implementation of a number of initiatives either by the traditional training methods or through digital platforms. He said that eight new hubs for training and creativity will be established, within a year, at the universities nationwide, to receive a larger number of students and graduates to train them on the latest ICT fields. He referred to MCIT efforts in the field of supporting creativity and entrepreneurship among young people, as a new center will be opened in Cairo to support creativity.

Talaat reviewed the most important projects implemented by MCIT in cooperation with the various sectors of the State within the framework of achieving the transition to the digital society, including the health insurance project which will be launched first in Port Said, and then the rest of governorates. This is in addition to the project of automating tax collection mechanisms in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the development of investment centers in cooperation with the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, and the launch of an Atlas for the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowment), covering its assets and properties, in addition to the implementation of the project of the Egyptian information infrastructure in cooperation with the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) to connect 70 governmental databases and provide a complete digital database of citizens, which resulted in filtering the lists of subsidies provided by the government to ensure the delivery of support to those who deserve it.

He said that Port Said will be announced the first digital city during the second half of the year through launching 25 government digital services, including more than 150 digital sub-government services in all sectors, which will be provided through several ports; the digital platform which is being developed and supported. Thus, services are to be provided in a new form in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform. This is in addition to providing services to citizens through Egypt Post and call centers, which requires activation of an electronic signature system, where the used technology and technical standards in electronic signature are currently being developed, within the framework of the law, issued more than 15 years ago and to cope with the technological developments and modern uses.

During the event, ITIDA Acting CEO said that ITIDA is always keen to invest in any opportunity to cooperate and be a partner in the events that provide an opportunity for professionals, especially IT managers from different sectors to exchange views, share best practices and transfer experiences. This will contribute to enriching their knowledge and accelerate their operations and projects related to digital transformation. This year's Summit will address models of effective strategies that meet the needs of innovation, automation and digital transformation, which have reached new horizons and is at the core of Egypt's 2030 strategy to enable the development of a knowledge-based society and a strong digital economy.

More than 300 ICT leaders from the region attended the event to discuss strategies for success in the era of innovation and new technologies. The event included several presentations, discussions and workshops designed to help IT managers in the region to make the most of information, harness emerging ICT solutions and stimulate innovation of enterprises to increase efficiency and productivity.

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