27 December 2014
11 Community Centers for PwDs Inaugurated

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy and Cairo Governor Galal Said inaugurated today the first phase of the community centers to support and train people with disabilities (PWDs) and youth- using IT tools- in slums.

Based on a cooperation protocol, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in cooperation with Cairo governorate has established 11 community centers as part of a plan to establish 30 community centers inside youth centers spread in slums and popular areas in Cairo, with a total cost of 15 million EGP.

The centers provide training and technical support for youth with focus on PWDs, to actively contribute to the society. The center works as a catalyst to help PWDs get integrated in the society development.

Helmy and Said launched the service in 10 community centers through the inauguration of Massara youth center.

MCIT and Cairo Governorate protocol signed on 10 July 2014, is meant to establish 30 community IT centers over a period of three years, to support PWDs and youth in slums and marginalized areas, in addition to five telemedicine units.

The first phase includes 11 centers equipped during 4 months, at 110% achieved targets this year inside youth centers of: Massara, Zahraa Misr El-Kadima, El-Sahel, Zeinhom, Western Nasr City, Ein El-Sira, Rod El-Farag, Ezbet El-Nasr in Bassatin, Mansheyet EL-Tahrir, Arab Kafr El Elew, El-Nadi El-Am at Mansheyet Helwan).

The opening comes within the framework of MCIT Social Responsibility Strategy targeting PWDs through providing support, training and creating opportunities to integrate them in their communities. Upgrading their efficiency, the eleven youth centers were selected with great care to cover slums in dire need.

Specialized companies provide free internet while MCIT provides centers with devices like computers, printers, projectors and training programs to qualify PWDs to find adequate jobs according to the job market development.

Civil society and private sector are partners of this successful project including Vodafone Egypt, Etisalat Misr, Telecom Egypt, Cisco, Ebtessama Foundation, Nafham education service, Banque du Caire.
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