28 August 2014
MCIT Organizes Technology Workshop for PWDs Integration

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has organized a workshop entitled “Communications and Information Technology for Integrated Education”, under the auspices of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

During the workshop, the Global Disability Inclusion Strategist, Debra Ruh held a lecture about the importance of ICT in education to integrate people with disabilities (PWDs) in the society and to support concerned decision-makers.

The advisor of ICT Minister for Community Services Abeer Shakweer has said that the workshop comes in line with MCIT keenness to adapt ICT for improving PWDs education.

MCIT strategy underlines the significance of supporting and empowering PWDs for their integration into the community, thus availing from their skills and capabilities. She has explained that MCIT aims to create equal opportunities for PWDs with their counterparts in the education process.
According to Shakweer, MCIT integrated necessary IT tools in all schools for visual-impaired students and 35 integration schools. Equipment includes computers and software to improve PWDs education.

MCIT has also launched the initiative of 1000 PWDs schools; the initiative includes the technology integration for all intellectual education schools and 300 integration schools nationwide. It focuses on training teachers on uses of computers, software and necessary equipment for PWDs education.

Several topics were raised, including training on the latest trends to develop educational integration and share best practices.

The ICT role in strengthening education integration was discussed along with many constructive talks about the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which is expected to lead to a number of recommendations over the implementation of its principals in Egypt.

Leaders of the Ministry of Education concerned with PWDs and integration policies which the ministry has previously announced were present in the event along with representatives of the social responsibility departments in ICT companies.

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