20 March 2013
Workshop for Supporting e-Learning for Hearing and Visual Impaired Organized by MCIT

Egypt ICT Trust Fund, an affiliate of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) held the first workshop on supporting e-learning for students with hearing and visual impairments in Egypt.

The workshop was co-sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank and supported by Ministry of Education.

The workshop was attended by representatives of civil organizations that support people with disabilities, other civil society organizations, Ministry of Education and special schools for students with visual and hearing impairments.

The project of Supporting E-Learning for Hearing and Visually Impaired Students aims at improving the living conditions and social integration of deaf students and others with hearing disabilities at schools in Egypt via the use of IT. This will enrich the learning process of the elementary students through facilitating a technological infrastructure at these specialized schools. The project also aims at developing interactive e-content of the curricula of science and mathematics for the final two years at these schools as well as raising the awareness and building the capacities of students and teachers there.

Two schools for the deaf and two for the blind in Cairo and Giza provinces have been selected as part of the project activities. Labs at the schools for the visually impaired have been equipped with advanced computers, software and programs for reading screens for blind students. The labs of the schools for those with auditory impairments have been provided with modern, interactive boards.

The importance of using technology in the educational process of students with disabilities was discussed throughout the workshop. The event further tackled the most advanced technologies.

The names of the winners in Tawasol (communication) competition were announced. The contest, held for teachers at the specialized schools and the members of the civil society who had to do with children with disabilities, was organized on the sidelines of the project.

The competition was for the best teachers and trainers, measuring the degree of interaction and influence of teachers and trainers on the students through using web pages to communicate with deaf students and the schools for the blind.

The teachers are: Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Tawab, an English teacher at Al-Nour school for the blind in Hamamt Al-Qobba. The website was built specially to teach and train the visually impaired on life and technological skills that they need.

The URL is http://kenanaonline.com/blindteacher
Another teacher is Ms. Iman Abdel-Rasoul, a science teacher at Al-Amal school for the deaf in Lebanon square. She used her personal web page, publishing specialized articles for those with hearing impairments, especially in the field of teaching science for the elementary stage. The URL is http://kenanaonline.com/emanabelrasou.

A third winner is Ms. Hoda Al-Anshasy, a clinical psychologist at the Ministry of Education. She used a web page for training the visually impaired. The URL is: http://kenanaonline.com/hudaenshasy

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