22 March 2012
Ministers of ICT, Health and Education Inaugurate the 2nd Conference for “Activating the National Initiative ICTs for People with Disabilities"

‘Integration, Empowerment and Participation’

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, along with minister of Health and Housing, Dr. Fouad Al-Nawawy and minister of Education, Dr. Gamal El-Araby, inaugurated today the second conference for “Activating the National Initiative ICTs for People with Disabilities: Integration, Empowerment, and Participation”.

The conference organized by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is hosted by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) at its premises in Smart Village.

This conference comes within the framework of the government eagerness towards people with special needs and disabilities. This is to meet their requirements, provide them with comprehensive care through their integration into the society, turn them into productive groups and benefit from their innovative energies as active members in the Egyptian society.

The conference also comes within the context of completion and pursuit of the first conference held by MCIT last February entitled “ICTs for People with Disabilities.”

In the wake of the recommendations of the first conference, MCIT took it upon itself to develop a new strategy of utilizing ICT to serve the disabled. The Ministry stresses the importance of holding periodical meetings between minister of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry officials on one hand, and representatives of the disabled on the other hand, to follow-up on the accomplishments and further enhance the active participation by the representatives of the disabled.

The National Initiative for Empowering People with Disabilities through ICT endeavors to train people with disabilities on the latest IT programs and applications in order to rehabilitate their integration in the community work systems and life in general. This is accomplished through the acquisition of specialized technological skills that the labor market needs.

Furthermore, the initiative aims at fulfilling the needs of all companies and organizations of qualified calibers well-trained on the latest IT systems and programs.

Within just a month of the first conference, MCIT has finished implementing a number of recommendations adopted in the first conference, to be reviewed in the events of today’s conference, in the context of asserting positive and effective follow-up on the implemented recommendations.

Along the same line, an IT department dedicated to people with special needs has been established, and an action strategy for collaboration with the representatives of the disabled has been finalized.

Moreover, the e-portal for people with special needs has been developed as a linkage with the Ministry and a venue where a referendum on the disabled law is to be held.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has also inaugurated two technology homes in both El-Arish and New Valley governorates. The technology homes are technically qualified and equipped to integrate people with disabilities.

Furthermore, the hot line project is being completed to serve people with special needs. Post offices and Centrals are also being equipped to accommodate this group of the society.

Advisor to the Grand Imam, Dr. Abdel Dayem Noseir has attended the conference on behalf of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, along with a number of undersecretaries and advisors to the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs (MISA), National Sports Council of Egypt (NSC), the Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD), and representatives of a number of concerned NGOs and civil society organizations.

The initiative of empowering people with disabilities through ICT endeavors to develop the human resources for the disabled as a first priority. This is attained through offering basic and advanced computer training programs as well as specialized technology programs.

In addition, the initiative provides IT applications targeting people with various disabilities like sound programs for the visually disabled and visual applications for the hearing disabled.

The initiative is implemented by MCIT through its available resources, and via collaboration and partnership with civil society organizations, such as Wayana International Foundation for Integration and Awareness, Misr El Kheir Foundation and other concerned institutions and organizations in the society.

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