23 January 2012
After a Year, MCIT Issues the First Commemorating Stamp for the 25th of January Revolution

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology organized a ceremony special for this occasion. In this context, the minister of ICT, Dr. Mohamed Salem approved today the first honoring stamp issued by Egypt National Post Organization (ENPO).

Commemorating the revolution of the 25th of January which glimmered from the Tahrir square to be admired by the whole world is a duty of all Egyptians. Such an honorable social movement was supported by Egyptians everywhere asking for change and for their rights in honorable life, freedom, social justice regardless of their affiliations.

In this occasion, Dr. Mohamed Salem calls all Egyptian youth to come together and maintain their solidarity beneath the same flag, the flag of the revolution, hoping to achieve the demands for which the revolution took place. His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Salem stressed that Egypt now is in deep need, more than any other time, to exert tremendous efforts in order to realize the prosperity of this nation and to place Egypt in the appropriate status that it deserves amongst nations. He also calls all Egyptians to reject negative calls slowing our productivity and defeating our will to keep pace with the advanced nations.

ENPO chairman, Mr. Mosad Abdel Ghany said that the new stamp is a memorial card consisting of a real picture of the revolutionists of Tahrir square.

Egypt Post issues stamps and memorial cards in major national occasions and those affecting the history of the nation, he added.

Leaders of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology along with the directors of the ENPO participated in this special ceremony.
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