19 April 2011
Minister of ICT Agrees on Hiring 100 Mail Graduates Including Special Needs Candidates

Minister of Communications and Information Technology approved the ENPO plan to hire 100 new graduates of faculty of Commerce, Mail department. 95 of them are graduates of 2003 with grade good, according to grade orders of the intake and 5 graduates of special needs between the year 2003 and 2010, as part of the 5% allocated for special needs candidates.

The decision will be followed by further procedures to hire the rest of graduates of Mail department. Appointing Mail graduates will take place according to a specific schedule, taking into consideration the needs of post offices in different governorates. In this context, hiring Mail graduates is considered as a priority during the upcoming years. 

Documents are to be presented at the strategic relations sector at the National Post Organization within the coming two weeks starting from today, in order to accomplish the required procedures.

Candidate who fails to meet the deadline will be excluded and replaced by the next name on the list. New graduates, who are to be hired, shall bring original copies of the study certificate, birth certificate, military status, social security number,  and criminal status directed to ENPO.

For more information concerning the names of the new graduates to be hired, please visit the website of the ENPO (www.egyptpost.org), or click here.
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