29 October 2010
Egypt to Host the ITU 5th Symposium on ICTs, The Environment and Climate Change

The Fifth Symposium on ICTs, Environment & Climate Change will be held from 2 to 3 November 2010 and will be hosted and co-organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), and the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs  in Smart Village.

The conference will be inaugurated by Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Mr. Maged George.

The activities of the symposium are expected to include a session called "The Way from Bali to Cancun" in which the role of governments in terms supporting green information technology and communications shall be discussed and more than 50 world experts and representative from international, African, and Arab organizations as well as world private sector companies shall address the audience.
For the first time, the symposium is to be held in Africa and the Middle East region. A group of experts, specialists, decision makers, and representatives from the private sector and national, regional, and international organizations in the fields of information technology, communications, and environment shall participate in the symposium this year.

The sessions of the symposium will shed light on the Egyptian strategy to support the use of green ICT as a business model for developing countries. The discussion will also include how to activate the ICT agenda in these uses in the Arab and African region.

This year, the symposium is expected to discuss opportunities and challenges facing developing countries in this field most notably e-waste management, methodology of environmental impact assessment of ICT, different financial mechanisms contributing to facing the challenges of ICT and environment. It is worth mentioning that this symposium has been held in Kyoto, Japan 2008, London, UK mid-2008, Kyoto and Ecuador mid-2009, and Seoul, Korea 2009.

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