9 February 2010
Dr. Kamel and Eng. George Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Green ICT Strategy

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel and Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Eng. Maged George singed today a two-year Memorandum of Understanding on Green Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy.

The renewable agreement has been signed on the sidelines of Cairo ICT 2010 Trade Fair and Forum held from 7-10 February at Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC).

The Mou aims at reducing the adverse environmental impacts resulting from the expansion of using ICT devices. It also seeks to protect the environment from the harmful output of technologies through using the right and safe scientific methods of disposing electronic wastes.

Based on This MoU, the two parties will cooperate in putting into force a Green ICT Strategy that entails a number of programs.

First program: Raising awareness about Green ICT

It entails several tracks including the formation of a joint task force of experts from public and private sectors, international organizations and civil society organizations to raise awareness about Green ICT. Workshops and seminars will be organized for this purpose.

Moreover, an integrated training program for building the skills of calibers to work on the field will be conducted.

In addition, leaflets, guidelines, newsletters and other printouts will be prepared for this issue. The conditions and specifications of environmental- friendly devices will be set as part of the program.

Second Program: Electronic Wastes Management

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs (MSEA) will work hand-in-hand with international and regional organizations, private sector and civil society to put into force a program for managing electronic wastes.

The program consists of the following tracks: preparing a study and a database on electronic wastes within the spectrum of Cairo and setting up another program for raising social awareness about the risks of the insecure disposal of electronic wastes.

Another track of the program has to do with supporting the participation of information systems and communication companies to start implementing pilot projects for the disposal of electronic wastes.

Additionally, the program will suggest the required legislations and laws for supporting lucid means of managing electronic wastes.

Third Program: ICT Solutions: A More Sustainable Future

It involves applying a program for ICT solutions to ensure a better future.
The program comprises workshops and seminars to spread social awareness on the issue among public sector institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations on the role of ICT in dealing with climate changes.

A pilot project using smart green technology systems inside a building annexed to MCIT will be carried out. Furthermore, a study will be conducted to assess how the Smart Village complies to the criteria and specifications of environment -friendly architecture.

The protocol reflects the government's keenness on protecting all elements of the environment including soil, water and air to ensure the safety of citizens and maintain socio-economic development. The government also aims by this protocol to preserve natural resources for the coming generations, via the use of ICT.

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