25 September 2017
ICT Minister Witnesses Signing Protocol to Develop ‘Tahya Misr Fund’ Work System

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady witnessed, today, the signing ceremony of a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Telecom Egypt (TE) and the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO), and Tahya Misr Fund, aiming at using ICT applications to promote the technology development system of the Fund.

The protocol was signed by NTRA Acting Executive President Mostafa Abdel Wahed, the ICT Infrastructure Director at MCIT Khaled El Attar, TE CEO Ahmed El Beheiry, ENPO Chairman Essam El-Sageir and the Executive Director of Tahya Misr Fund Mohamed Ashmawy.

The protocol aims at benefiting from ICT tools in following up and reviewing the donation procedures at the Fund, providing consultancy and technical and technological support to the Fund to develop its resources. This is in addition to following up and reviewing the technical and technological procedures of the Fund through developing technical and technological mechanisms and establishing a technological system to be supported by the ICT sector.

The protocol stipulates that MCIT is to automate and develop the financial and administrative management of the Fund, and implement a technological application for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This helps the Fund to establish and develop a donors’ database, in addition to providing technical consultation and technical and technological support to the Fund, a matter which would contribute effectively to developing its resources.

TE is also setting up a mechanism to organize, motivate and follow up the receipt of donations, for Tahya Misr Fund, through TE branches nationwide.

The protocol also allows the opportunity for the largest number of citizens to participate in the donation for the Fund through ENPO offices nationwide —more than 4,000 offices— by providing service in the largest network of offices across the country. The publications of the Fund will be also available in ENPO offices to contribute to the dissemination of the Fund’s role, projects and activities to millions of citizens, which contributes to increasing the base of donation.

On the other hand, the Fund, in accordance with the Protocol, will provide all necessary information and data to MCIT and relevant affiliates to provide the Fund with the technical and technological support that helps in developing and coordinating the Fund work system.

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