31 May 2022
ICT Minister Visit to Fayoum Governorate

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat visited Fayoum Governorate to inspect and open several ICT and post projects within the framework of implementing the Decent Life initiative in villages in Fayoum. He was accompanied by the Governor of Fayoum Ahmed Al-Ansari and officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and its affiliated organizations.
During the visit, Talaat and Al-Ansari opened Qalhana, Tamiya Main and El-Gon Post Offices after they were developed and equipped with the latest systems and technological solutions to provide different financial, postal and governmental services as part of a plan to develop post offices in the villages targeted within the Decent Life initiative. They also inspected the project of developing Telecom Egypt’s network in Qalhana Village, Itsa, as part of the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) project implemented in Decent Life’s villages.
Talaat and Al-Ansari attended part of a session on digital and financial awareness, organized for citizens in Qalhana. The session was part of MCIT efforts to promote digital literacy and achieve financial and digital inclusion.
The ICT Minister, also, inspected the Sound Training Center in Baghous. The center offers capacity-building programs to hone the digital skills of students, graduates, and job seekers in Fayoum to eradicate digital illiteracy, develop computer skills, and promote the safe use of social media.
Moreover, Talaat visited several training facilities that offer different courses and programs. The training represents a demonstration model of developing the basic digital skill of citizens in Al Hadeqah and Baghous areas, as well as students, graduates, and job seekers, preparing them for the IC3 Spark digital literacy certification.
During their tour, the ICT Minister and Fayoum Governor witnessed the launch of the e-platform of the National Network for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Services “Taheel.” The Network has the slogan: Ability is revealed through your difference. It was launched in Fayoum as the first Egyptian governorate with access to the Network services to support PwDs and help them find decent job opportunities that meet their abilities.
Furthermore, Talaat and Al-Ansari visited the construction site of CREATIVA Innovation Hub at Fayoum University. The Hub is being established by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority and in collaboration between MCIT and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as part of phase II of CREATIVA Innovation Hubs project.

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