14 June 2020
Egypt Among EMEA Business Services Locations

Egypt has recently been featured in a report by the Polish leading organization Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) as one of the top countries providing business and IT outsourcing services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

ABSL is a non-profit organization connecting global and local companies that set up their global service centers in Central and Eastern European countries. It selected Egypt among the list of EMEA countries, which is the only non-European country monitored, with studying the ingredients to its success in providing this type of services.

The report profiles 18 carefully selected countries and covers the whole spectrum of business services, including customer service call centers, accounting services, software development, IT technical support, Research and Development (R&D) and Human Resources services, and others, in a number of locations of different potentials, in the EMEA region.

The business services sector has recorded strong and consistent growth with high employment rates at a total of 174K people employed. In addition, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) adopts a solid plan that guarantees the next wave of growth targeting to reach 225k as total employment by 2022.  

The report, titled EMEA’s Business Services Landscape, brings into focus a number of factors that strengthened Egypt’s position as a world-class destination for business services, such as its very large, well-educated workforce and the highly-competitive operating costs it offers. 

The report highlights the availability of talent in Egypt as an edge allowing it to set itself apart from other nearshore destinations by offering companies the possibility to implement service centers on a large scale.

Egypt has established itself as a prime location for business and IT services for global operations serving 100 countries. The government pro-actively supports the sector, ranging from investments in talent and infrastructure to incentives and support to foreign investors.

The market in Egypt is experiencing a shift in its services portfolios, the report confirmed. The report throws light on the companies’ move from multilingual contact centers to high-value niche services, such as product development and R&D.
The report is perceived by its authors as a practical location handbook that gives a fair overview of the leading metrics considered important in the location evaluation process.

According to the report, the US and the UK account for more than 30% of the countries of origin of export-oriented business services centers in Egypt. The report revealed that software development (62%), customer service (29%), and IT helpdesk (24%) are the major types of services delivered by the centers in Egypt.

The report highlights Egypt as a top country in terms of availability or supply of talent pool with accounts payable role, only second to the UK. This emphasizes the potential for Egypt to host Finance shared services centers.

The report was co-authored by Deloitte, JLL and Randstad Sourceright. JLL is an American company specializing in real estate advisory services and investment management services, and is the second world ‘s largest company of its kind.
The report intentionally does not seek to profile specific cities or rank the locations in order of attractiveness, but covers country snapshots with key macroeconomic indicators, Human Resources landscapes, payroll costs, and key labor code characteristics.

To access the full report, kindly click Here.

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