21 December 2016
Jobs and Skills for PwDs with Focus on ICT-Based Solutions Project Session to Hold

In celebration of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), a dialogue session on the Jobs and Skills for PwDs with Focus on ICT-Based Solutions Project is held on December 21, in Cairo, where representatives of the community, training and recruiting institutions, as well as the project partners participate in the event. The event aims to review and exchange experiences in the field of qualifying and employing PwDs using ICT tools; in light of the state's Strategy for Sustainable Development—Egypt Vision 2030, and cooperation with international institutions and civil society organizations in raising awareness in the field of learning skills for employment opportunities.

The celebration includes three sessions, the first discusses the training on employment skills programs, while the second is about how to create jobs for PwDs, and the third session on the holistic integration and employment. The sessions tackled best practices in the field of PwDs employment, and the challenges facing them and means to overcome those challenges.

The project is launched by EGYPT ICT Trust Fund in September 2014, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program and the International Labor Organization (ILO), in line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) role in activating the sustainable development using ICTs, which is particularly concerned with empowering PwDs and developing their abilities, providing more training and employment opportunities and helping them integrate into the labor market.

The project is based on several objectives including qualifying persons with visual and physical disability with skills needed by the labor market, and raise the efficiency of specialized NGOs to provide services and better job opportunities for PwDs. It also aims to contribute to finding practical training opportunities in the private sector for their employment, and innovate technological solutions and applications to support them in their daily lives.

The project targeted young people with physical and visual disabilities in the age group from 18 to 35 years, exactly 600 PwDs, and 60 trainers to qualify them for the training programs, which varied between customer service, call centers, management and entrepreneurship skills, presentation skills, leadership and communication skills, marketing and e-marketing skills, management and planning of small and medium enterprises, the maintenance basics of computers, laptops and mobile phones, and the basics of design and graphics.
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