19 January 2016
Egypt Participates in ITU SG2 Meeting

Egypt, represented by the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), will participate in the Study Group 2 meeting (Operational aspects of service provision and telecommunications management), organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) on January 20-29 at ITU headquarters, Geneva.

SG2 is responsible for studies related to the operational aspects of service provision and telecommunications management. It is the main study group concerned with the definition of services and the requirements of numbering, naming, addressing, identification and the allocation of resources, including standards and procedures of reservation, allocation and restoration of resources. SG2 is also responsible for developing service principles and requirements of management and interoperability of traditional and new communications networks.

NTRA Executive Director- Technical Affairs Hossam Abel Moula will participate in the meeting. Egypt is due to follow-up on the topics submitted before in SG2 meetings and participate in the sub-working groups as Egypt chairs one of them, to consider key topics such as identifying the call origin, caller ID, IPV6 studies, alternative calling procedures. In addition, Egypt will make new contributions to these and other topics.

Based in Geneva, the ITU is the leading United Nations agency for ICTs with 191 member states, including Egypt, and more than 700 sector members and associates. ITU role is to enable the global growth and sustained development of ICT. ITU organizes international telecom events like WSIS and Telecom Africa.

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