4 January 2015
First Regional Stamp Fair Inagurated

The First Regional Stamp Fair takes place at the Fine Arts Faculty, in Cairo during 1- 6 January 2015; the Fair is held in parallel with ENPO 150th anniversary.

The Stamp fair was inaugurated by Egypt National Post Organization (ENPO) chairman Khaled Negm, with the presence of the head of the board of directors of the Egyptian Association for Stamp Collectors Sherif Samra, the League of Arab States Representative Fahmi Weld Mubarak, Saudi Arabia Representative Mamdouh Mawseli and Stamps sector Director Khaled Abbas.

The fair includes a large group of exceptional letters and stamps dated back to 1882, as well as a collection of Egyptian- Sudanese stamps. For this occasion, a new stamp was released under the auspices of ENPO and the Association. 

Negm has ascertained that the commemorative postage stamps are still appealing to many stamp collectors as they are the mirror of civilizations of different nations.

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