12 August 2014
MCIT, WB Release a Report on e-Waste Pilot Project

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), has worked in close cooperation with the World Bank and the Ministry of Environment to assist in leveraging the e-waste recycling in Egypt.

Bearing in mind the importance of e-waste, the hazardous and opportunities, MCIT has recently finalized the guidelines on “Preparatory Information for the Implementation of an Electronic Waste Pilot Project in Egypt”, during August 2014.

These guidelines are the product of work conducted by the World Bank Group in close cooperation with MCIT . It comes as part of the request for technical assistance signed by MCIT and the WB in 2010 within the framework of the Egyptian Green ICT Protocol signed by MCIT and MoE.

The document has been developed by the World Bank Group in 2010 and updated by MCIT and MoE in 2014.

The guidelines provide the preparatory information for the implementation of an e-waste pilot project, to be implemented during a latter phase. It is composed of three associated chapters,the first of which is the economic incentives that stimulate the private sector to start an e-waste recycling unit.

The second chapter is the collection strategy one which defines how sufficient e-waste could be collected for a pilot unit to be viable. The report concludes with some guidelines for NGO and private sector participation, describing the role NGOs and civil society can play in this context; this mainly concerns awareness creation activities and support to informal collectors.
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