4 December 2013
MCIT Holds Digital Content Workshop

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing a workshop titled “"towards a digital content that enhances transparency, participation and creativity in the Arab world” on December 8, 2013 at Smart Village under the auspices of the Arab League and in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Arab regional office  and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (Escwa).

The workshop aims to discuss means of Arab cooperation in the field of digital content through the exchange of ideas  and the study of the possibility of establishing joint achievable  ventures on the ground of benefiting Arab states. This is in addition to producing recommendations aimed at enhancing the Arabic content and improving access for all Arab citizens to high-quality, low-cost content.

Moreover, the workshop strives to develop research in the Arabic digital content field to promote creativity and innovation, increase the efficiency of the national industry related to content, support investment and promote export of all types of digital content industry as well as providing job opportunities.

The first session titled “an overview of the digital content,” will discuss the digital content which is a vital indicator towards shifting to a knowledge society. Producing, organizing and processing digital content to suit the modern ICT tools is a step towards investing information to reach a knowledge society.

The second session carries the slogan “creative production, the future of digital content industry in the Arab World”. The session will  talk about producing advanced Arabic content based on creative and innovative thought to achieve a quantum leap in the Arab world in light of the shift to knowledge economy.

Digital content is a fruitful field where creative talents can be discovered and means to utilize them in order to optimize and monitor special needs in the Arab world.

Session three is to tackle how youth view user-generated content. The internet outstanding advancement, thanks to Web 2.0 technology, with which users now have the ability to create their own content with little cost, express their opinions freely and reach an element of interaction, opened the door to a knowledge space invaded by networks.

Youth in the Arab world has been recently the catalyst to many initiatives optimizing the chances for the emergence of such content. The content isn’t limited to a social one, rather it extends to include educational, cultural and information contents; it has become common to hear the concepts of citizen journalism, learner generated context (LGC) and open educational resources (OER).

During the workshop, international standards, best practices and global  and regional experiences will be viewed to create a digital warehouse preserving heritage and identity.

Furthermore, the role of regional and international cooperation in developing the digital content will be deliberated. Worldwide and Arabic statistics about digital content will be shown; as well as successful experiences, action plans and Arabic policies.

This is in addition to Arabic initiatives to produce digital content and the role of the educational institutions in developing innovation in the Arab world.

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