27 May 2013
ICTA 2013 to Hold in Tunisia

The fourth International Conference on ICT and Accessibility (ICTA2013) is held during October 24- 26, in Hammamet, Tunisia, with a main theme of “Design 4 all”.

The conference is organized by the Research Laboratory of Technologies of Information and Communication and Electrical Engineering (LaTICE) of the University of Tunis in collaboration with the Computing Center El Khawarizmi (CCK), with the technical co-sponsorship of IEEE Tunisian section.

The conference explores the design, evaluation and use of computing and information technologies to make life easier especially for specific groups of users like people with disabilities.

High quality and original papers relevant to these issues are welcomed. Papers proposing new tools, assessing solutions that show similarities or differences between existent approaches are then expected.

Participants of the event include users and other interested parties as an additional balance to the discussion.

The conference aims to focus on accessibility by encouraging participation from many disciplines.

This conference presents views that bridge academia, commerce, and industry and arguments encompassing a range of beliefs across the design-accessibility spectrum.

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