13 April 2012
Information and Training Session on ITU Methodologies for Assessing the Environmental Impact of ICT

ITU organized an information and training session on ITU Methodologies for Assessing the Environmental Impact of ICT, on 12 April 2012 at ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in parallel with the next meeting of ITU-T Study Group 5* (11-19 April 2012).

Within ITU-T Study Group 5 (SG5), a set of common methodologies are being developed, to assess the life cycle impact of the ICT Sector, both in terms of its own emissions and the savings created through ICT applications in other industry sectors.

Egypt is represented at the SG5 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It participates at the ITU-T Study Group 5, as an associate rapporteur for the Question 23 related to the uses of ICTs to enable countries to adapt to climate change.

A set of standardized methodologies to assess the environmental impacts of ICTs enables ITU and its Membership to voice its message clearly. These methodologies are to underscore the theory of the ICTs capacities to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
The new standard methodologies reinforce the role of ICTs by providing an accurate, reliable tool for assessing their environmental impact. It generates figures upon which businesses can model future revenues, costs and efficiency gains provided by green ICTs and figures enabling governments and regulators to identify the gains in social and economic welfare that green ICTs can achieve.

Participation at the information and training session on ITU methodologies is open to ITU member states, sector members, associates and academia and to any individual or company from a member state of ITU who wishes to contribute to the work.

The training session presents a group of recommendations on assessing the environmental impact of ICT and methodologies to environmental impacts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) goods, networks and services.

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