12 April 2011
The ENPO Commemorates the Revolution of the 25th of January

The Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) decided to issue a stamp to commemorate the revolution of the 25th of January.  In the same context, a competition will be organized for youth to create a collection of stamps honoring the revolution which changed life in Egypt. Such revolution was honored by countries and news agencies worldwide.

Egypt Post Chairman, Mr. Hani Mahmoud underlined that Egypt Post is keen to issue such stamps to honor the memory of prominent national occasions. He added that a committee will be formed of a number of specialists to select best artworks. Additionally, he informed that the details of the competition will be announced soon.

In a related context, Mr. Mahmoud decided to appoint 100 new graduates of the year 2003 and 2004, faculty of Commerce, Mail division,  before the end of June. This step comes as part of the time plan set by Egypt Post to hire faculties’ graduates successively during the coming period. The government, through this plan, aims at responding to the demands of the new graduates, which have been discussed during the meeting with the ENPO chairman, Mr. Hany Mahmoud.

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