6 December 2010
Agreements Signing between Huawei Technologies and MCIT and Luxor Governorate

Huawei Technologies signed several important agreements with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Luxor governorate.

The first agreement titled "Huawei Summer Camp" starts in 2011, where Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) shall nominate 10 persons from ICT Sector, whether recently graduated with honors from the faculties of engineering or ministry employees to attend the camp prepared by Huawei in People's Republic of China for three week, where they will know the position of the company, its capabilities and the distinctive technologies provided by the company in addition to visiting famous Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, where headquarters of company located.

Dr. Sherif Hashem, Advisor of the Minister of ICT Dr. Tarek Kamel, has signed this agreement as representative of MCIT, and from Huawei side, Eng. Mohsen Rao, Huawei Egypt branch manager, has signed the agreement.

The second agreement "Government ICT Sector Training Project" is a culmination of the fruitful cooperation between Huawei and National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), where this agreement has been signed by Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbini, Head of NTI, and from Huawei side, Eng. Mohsen Rao, Huawei Egypt branch manager.

The third and last agreement "e-Learning Project in Luxor Governorate", which has come in the light of the attempts of Luxor Governorate to improve level of education and promote communication technologies as a means of education and its goal.

This agreement has been released in the form of joint contract between MCIT, represented by Dr. Hoda Baraka, First Deputy to  Minister of ICT, Luxor Governorate, represented by Dr. Samir Farag, Governor of Luxor and Eng. Mohsen Rao, Huawei Egypt branch General Manager.

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