08 May 2022
Investments in Egypt FinTech Sector Soar 300% in 12 Months

FinTech in Egypt has seen massive gains in the past five years, accelerating at a rapid pace. Investments in the FinTech sector soared by more than 300% during the last 12 months, pointing toward the strong development and expansions of FinTech and FinTech-enable startups.

02 May 2022
Egypt among Most Tech Advanced Countries in Africa in 2022

Egypt came among the ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa in 2022. The country is regarded as the cradle of world civilization and has always been associated with inventions. Having some of Africa’s best institutions and conducting high-level scientific research, Egypt has widely adopted the use of technology in all of its industries.

27 Apr 2022
Egyptian Research Centers Show Strength in Regional Rankings

Nine Egyptian research institutes are among the 20 best scoring institutions in the region, according to SCImago Research Centers Ranking – MENA Region, with the National Research Center (NRC) ranked as the strongest of the pack. SCImago ranks academic and research-related institutions based on three major criteria: research, innovation and society.

18 Apr 2022
Egypt Invests Heavily in Digital Capacity Building

Egypt has allocated more than 1.1 billion EGP to meet the increasing demand on learning digital skills, according to an infographic by the Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC). In this regard, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has trained more than 180,000 young people, as part of the Future Work is Digital (FWD) initiative to better qualify them for the labor market.

14 Apr 2022
Ericsson Supports DX Plans in Egypt

Ericsson is planning to provide the technical support required in the education and health sectors in Egypt using its latest technologies since the development of both sectors comes as a top priority to the Egyptian government. The company, also, collaborated with ITIDA to hold Together Apart Hackathon to support innovation and develop digital ideas related to the 5G technology in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

10 Apr 2022
Egypt Has Most Lucrative FinTech Market in MENA

Egypt has the most promising, attractive, and lucrative FinTech market in the MENA region, according to an infographic by the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC). With an expected FinTech market size of 62-74 million users, the country has most potential FinTech users in the area.

03 Apr 2022
Egypt Progresses with Digital Transformation Projects

Egypt has been developing digital migration projects aimed at increasing average broadband speeds, delivering fiber broadband to about 60% of the population, developing an in-house satellite program, and creating a knowledge-based economy through the greater adoption of ICTs. The country endeavours to become a significant ICT hub in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

28 Mar 2022
How COVID-19 Triggered e-Commerce Boom in Egypt

Digital adoption in Egypt has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a multitude of changes in people’s lives and altered consumer behavior. A national e-commerce strategy has also been recently outlined to cover necessary policies and collaboration opportunities with the private sector to boost e-commerce and drive economic growth.

23 Mar 2022
EME: Shaping Egypt as a Major Electronics Producer

Since its establishment in 2005, ITIDA has had one core mission: to spearhead the development of Egypt’s ICT industry in a bid to increase its global competitiveness. As part of this mission, the Agency launched the ambitious Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) initiative, with the aim to position Egypt as the regional hub for electronics manufacturing and a global destination of choice for innovation and electronics design.

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