09 May 2021
Yodawy, MedNet Collaborate to Provide Seamless Experience to Users

Yodawy healthtech has teamed up with MedNet Egypt to facilitate the online dispensing of insurance medications through Yodawy’s network of pharmacies. The aim is to benefit insured customers through an AI-powered system. The article highlights the customer-focused productive cooperation between the two companies.

04 May 2021
New Centers for Disabled Students at Five Egyptian Universities

Work is underway to establish new service centers to support Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) at five national universities, within a project to facilitate equal access to higher education for students with disabilities. The article introduces the new centers that will assist disabled students.

02 May 2021
Benefits of eLearning for Disabled Students

Today, the concept of virtual campuses is evolving rapidly, and more students with disabilities are getting enrolled. Technology is also playing a pivotal role in providing the perfect learning solutions to the disabled students. The article highlights the benefits of eLearning for disabled students.

29 Apr 2021
Egypt Wins Gold, Silver Medals at BIIS 2021

Egypt, represented by the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI), has won gold and silver medals at Beirut International Innovation Show (BIIS 2021). The show was organized by the Lebanese National Association for Science and Research, online, in April. The article celebrates Egypt’s achievement.

26 Apr 2021
UNDP Egypt Launches Open Innovation Challenge for PwDs

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Egypt has launched the Open Innovation Challenge for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) as part of its Assistive Technology Incubation Programme. Winners of the Challenge will have their proposed assistive technologies incubated for six months to turn their prototypes into products that can be available on the market and produced commercially. The article introduces the newly-launched program.

23 Apr 2021
Why is Japan Samurai Incubate Interested in Egypt?

Egypt’s booming startup ecosystem, growing e-commerce industry and talented youth are the reason why many international venture capital firms and investors are attracted to the country, and Japan-based Samurai Incubate was no exception. The article highlights why Japan’s venture capital firm is planning to invest in Egyptian startups.

20 Apr 2021
UNDP Egypt Launches Accelerator Lab

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Egypt Accelerator Lab is part of a global network of 91 accelerators across 115 countries. The Lab serves as a platform for innovation, and for decision-makers and development partners to explore and experiment solutions that can address global challenges. The articles highlights the newly-launched accelerator lab.

18 Apr 2021
Egypt Launches ‘Safe Disposal of e-Waste’ Campaign

The Ministry of Environment has launched a national campaign titled “Safe Disposal of Electronic Waste” under E-Tadweer, Egypt’s first mobile application for managing e-waste. The application provides a system for collecting e-waste from people in exchange for discount vouchers. The article highlights the Egyptian efforts in promoting the safe disposal of e-waste.

14 Apr 2021
What Egyptian Universities Do to Foster Entrepreneurship

University entrepreneurship programs in Egypt are growing and producing more startups. Programs in Cairo have supported at least 600 startups, while in other governorates, university incubators have emerged, with some universities teaching entrepreneurship as an academic discipline. The article takes a look at how local university programs are driving entrepreneurship in Egypt.

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