15 Sep 2022
Egypt Plays Pivotal Role within COP27

MCIT is organizing the ClimaTech Run 2022 global competition as part of the preparations for hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt. The competition targets tech entrepreneurs and digital artists who share a collective passion for sustainability and a better future for all.

12 Sep 2022
What Makes Egypt So Interesting As An Outsourcing Country?

Egypt enjoys a unique set of qualities that sets it apart from other markets. Its offshoring industry has been evolving thanks to a number of factors, including support from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the establishment of technology parks, a large talent pool of IT specialists, extensive language skills, and competitive labor costs, among others.

06 Sep 2022
ICT Industry Evolves in Egypt

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) have been playing a pivotal role in developing and fostering ICT capabilities in the country. As a result, Egypt is now a leading hub for outsourcing services and a destination for B2B relations in the region.

04 Sep 2022
Egypt Boosts Efforts to Promote Green Economy Transition

Egypt boosts efforts to promote climate action and achieve the transition to a comprehensive green economy to ensure a sustainable future. The country enhances multilateral cooperation and establishes international partnerships to support climate action within the framework of the National Climate Change Strategy and the arrangements for hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27).

01 Sep 2022
Mobile Wallets Accelerate DX in Egypt

The electronic payment market in Egypt is growing by around 25% to 50% year over year. Experts partly attribute that growth to the government’s efforts to help foster financial inclusion and the widespread use of digital payment methods in the country in the last few years.

30 Aug 2022
Egypt Boosts e-Commerce, Accelerates Tech Enablement

The Egyptian government has been making huge efforts to accelerate technology enablement to help improve market progress and growth. The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) offers programs to encourage start-ups and businesses to adopt the use of technology, particularly in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors.

25 Aug 2022
How Mobile Device Manufacturing Boosts Growth in Egypt Electronics Sector

Egypt is emerging as a regional high-tech manufacturing powerhouse, becoming an attractive destination for international manufacturers looking to set up shop in the region. Government initiatives, like Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) by MCIT, have strongly contributed to the rise of a strong smartphone industry in Egypt, helping build the nascent sector and attract foreign investment.

21 Aug 2022
Egypt to Introduce e-Signature for Serving Citizens

Egypt has ramped up its digitization push to provide online services to citizens by using electronic signatures for verification. This will be implemented as part of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology’s strategy to provide efficient telecom services and digital jobs for young Egyptians.

17 Aug 2022
Egypt Post: New Horizons of Digital Transformation

Being an executive arm of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Egypt Post is one of the longest standing government organizations that serves as a one-stop shop offering a wide variety of public services. Aside from traditional social and postal services such as mail, postage stamps, savings accounts, parcels, and pension disbursement, Egypt Post now delivers high-quality fast and smooth digital services. For the past few years, Egypt Post has been taking a quantum leap upward in developing services and offices.

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