Basic Digital Skills Development Programs

These programs aim to develop digital capabilities of Egyptian citizens, whether students, graduates or Internet users in general. It targets school and university students, fresh graduates and job seekers, those interested in specialized technical programs and social media users and those interested in distance learning.

Social Media and Internet Safety Initiative

The Social Media and Internet Safety Initiative is organized in collaboration with ICDL Arabia. The initiative aims to empower youth to use social media channels and Internet, safely, and deal with cyberbullying. This is in addition to using online search engines effectively and making the best use of time. It targets different types of computer and social media users, including university students, graduates and housewives. Interactive training and distance learning is used in providing the training.

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Distance Learning for Cybersecurity Initiative

The Distance Learning for Cybersecurity is a free educational initiative, provided in collaboration with Cisco. It targets Internet users and provides distance learning in cybersecurity essentials and network principles.

The initiative aims at raising social awareness on IT and promoting digital literacy through distance learning, to support and improve the safe use of Internet and provide information on how users can protect their personal data and privacy while using e-learning methods and online meetings.

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AI Initiative for Higher Education Students

The initiative is a training grant for students of higher education, in different universities and higher institutes, in partnership with Certiport of Pearson VUE, through Skills Plus, the company’s agent in Egypt.

Students, through the training initiative, receive a Microsoft certification in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim is to hone students’ skills; support digital transformation in universities and educational institutions through spreading knowledge and raising awareness of the latest trends in modern digital technologies; and providing excellent opportunities of professional training and qualification to help students join the labor market.
It offers awareness technology courses for the initiative participants, providing them with basic information and knowledge in AI. The initiative involves training in the scientific content and conducting experimental and international tests to qualify students for Microsoft Technical Certification (MTC), granted after passing the AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals exam, certified from Certiport.

• Introduction to AI
• Machine Learning
• Computer Vision
• Natural Language Processing
• Conversational AI

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