National Relay Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

In 2018, the National Relay Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing was established. Being a communication center, the center provides an integrated solution that acts as an intermediary to enable PwDs to communicate with the emerging services.  It is the first of its kind in the Arab Region and Africa.

Video Relay Service (VRS) allows persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to communicate through the telephone system with hearing persons. The VRS caller, using a computer or a smart phone with a video camera device and a broadband Internet connection, contacts a VRS Communication Assistant (CA), who is a qualified sign language interpreter. They communicate with each other in sign language through a video link. The VRS CA then places a telephone call to the party that VRS user wishes to call.

The VRS CA relays the conversation back and forth between the parties in sign language with the VRS user, and by voice with the called party. No typing or text is involved.

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