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    TIEC Launches ‘Start IT with Etisalat’ Initiative
    23 Jun 2016
    The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), in cooperation with Etisalat, is launching ‘Start IT with Etisalat’, an initiative to support Egyptian youth to build their own startup and turn their ideas into successful enterprises.
    Egypt to Deliver Speech in IoT Session at OECD Ministerial Meeting
    21 Jun 2016
    ITIDA Vice President for IT Market Development Ahmed El-Sobky is to deliver a speech on behalf of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady in the IoT session at the OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy Ministerial Meeting held in Mexico on June 21-23.
    Egypt Partakes in OECD Ministerial Meeting 2016
    20 Jun 2016
    Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), will participate in the OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP) Ministerial Meeting, on June 21-23, in Cancun, Mexico.
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    OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy
    21 Jun 2016
    The OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy: Innovation, Growth and Social Prosperity is to be held on June 21-23 in Mexico.
    Cybersecurity Week
    27 Jun 2016
    Cybersecurity Week will be held on June 27 until July 1 in Quito, Ecuador.
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    Why Cloud Computing Crucial for HR
    23 Jun 2016 Source: Information Week
    HR is changing as rapidly as business itself. IT is going to help HR get to the cloud because doing so will help HR fulfill the new mission business has for a department.
    Cloud Computing Helps to Conquer Cancer
    12 Jun 2016 Source: Data Informed
    Access to computing power has enabled researchers to answer more and bigger questions. This, in turn, leads to new breakthroughs and discoveries. As such, no other recent innovation is doing more than public cloud computing to advance the state of the art in the sciences, finance, manufacturing and other industries.
    Confluence of Imagination
    5 Jun 2016 Source: Gulf Times
    As with every competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 Pan Arab Semi-Finals, had to pick its winners – three of them in each of the three categories: Innovation, World Citizenship and Games.
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    ICT Indicators in Brief | April 2016
    Jun 2016
    "ICT Indicators In Brief: Monthly Issue" reviews a number of ICT indicators in Egypt; namely Mobile Phones, Fixed Phones, Internet, ICT Sector, ICT Sector’s Role in Development, and Post.
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    The Internet Value Chain
    Jun 2016
    The report tackles assessing the size of the overall Internet value chain, as well as the market structure, economics and financial performance of its respective segments. The Internet has evolved substantially, with many of the major players moving across the value chain, new player entering and quickly building strong positions, and some former leader losing market position.
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    ICT Minister Interview on Al Kahera Walnas Channel
    1 Jun 2016

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady has been interviewed at “With Ebrahim Essa” Program on Al Kahera Walnas Channel, where he talked about the ICT industry and how it contributes to the advancement of countries, underlying the significance of ICTs in social, economic and human development and its role in education and the significance of offering the 4G licenses.
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    FIRST Annual Conference
    23 Jun 2016
    The 28th session of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) Annual Conference was held on June 12-17, in Seoul, South Korea.
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