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    Egypt Partakes in ARFSD 6th Session
    23 Feb 2020
    Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is participating in the Sixth Session of Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD), on February 24-27, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
    ITIDA, DELL Organize Workshop on ABCDs
    17 Feb 2020
    The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), in partnership with DELL Technologies, is organizing the Workshop on ABCDs - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data technologies, on February 17, in Alexandria, on February 20, in Assiut and on February 24, in Cairo.
    MCIT Launches ‘Jobs and Skills for PwDs with Focus on ICT-Based Solutions Project – Phase II’
    17 Feb 2020
    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has launched Phase II of “Jobs and Skills for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) with a Focus on ICT-based Solutions” project, as part of its keenness to achieve digital transformation, empower PwDs and support their inclusion in the society.
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    Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development 6th Session
    24 Feb 2020
    The Sixth Session of Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD) is organized by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC), the African Development Bank and the United Nations system, on February 24-27, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
    Regional Workshop on Smart Water Management
    1 Mar 2020
    The Regional Workshop on Smart Water Management is organized in collaboration between the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Arab Regional Office, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), on March 1, in Cairo.
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    AI in the Spotlight
    24 Feb 2020 Source: Egypttoday Website
    Investopedia defines Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The article sheds light on the groundbreaking technology, and highlights the Egyptian efforts in this field.
    Interview with Nexthink VP
    18 Feb 2020 Source: Menafn website
    MCIT implementation of Egypt's digital transformation strategy is the right way forward to achieve economic progress and improve services, Nexthink VP Maged Eid says. In an interview with Daily News Egypt, Eid talks about the current developments in the Egyptian market and his company’s contribution to Egypt’s digital transformation.
    Digital Transformation in Healthcare
    16 Feb 2020 Source: Credit-suisse Website
    Digital tools are enabling individuals to monitor their health themselves and to identify any irregularities at an early stage, before an illness develops. The article presents how digital transformation can revolutionize healthcare.
    How ‘Artificial Intelligence of Things’ Will Change the World as We Know it
    13 Feb 2020 Source: Electronicdesign Website
    Very few technologies are as exciting or important as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). While IoT connects devices to the internet, AI gives them a “brain.” The article explains how two technologies together are capable of changing the world as we know it.
    How Egypt Established Itself as an African Tech Hub
    11 Feb 2020 Source: Disrupt-Africa Website
    According to Disrupt Africa’s African Tech Startups Funding Report 2019, 88 Egyptian technology startups secured investments more than any other African country, accounting for 28.3% of the total investments secured by African startups in 2019. The article explains how Egypt carved a niche as a technology hub in Africa.
    Egypt Leapfrogs South Africa, Nigeria in Startup Funding Transactions
    9 Feb 2020 Source: Enterprise.press Website
    According to Partech Africa’s 2019 report, Egypt has surpassed South Africa in the total startup fundraising for the first time and edged out Nigeria by the total number of investments. The article sheds light on Egypt’s achievement in startup funding in 2019.
    How Digital Transformation Affects Business in Egypt
    6 Feb 2020 Source: Rsm.global Website
    Egypt is one of the pioneering countries in the MENA region to digitally transform its economy to accelerate development and enhance citizens’ lives. The article explains how digital transformation is affecting business in Egypt and further fueling economic growth in the region.
    Egypt Has Highly Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    4 Feb 2020 Source: Ahram Website
    Egypt's market enjoys significant potentials that catalyze entrepreneurship ecosystem to achieve robust upgrade. Venture Capital Analyst at Seedstars Francesca Bombassei speaks to Ahram Online about Egypt’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    How Technology Can Reduce Mental Illness Stigma
    2 Feb 2020 Source: Theconversation Website
    Digital tools like social media, blogs and wikis provide knowledge for health professionals who can use this technology to learn about a topic while deepening their engagement and promoting collaboration. The article presents how digital technology can help reduce mental illness stigma.
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    ICT Indicators Quarterly Bulletin | Q3 2019
    Feb 2020
    ICT Indicators Quarterly Bulletin reviews a number of ICT indicators in Egypt; namely statistical figures on infrastructure, economic performance and the role of ICT in socioeconomic development. The bulletin, presented in a newly improved version, is now issued on a quarterly basis.
    ICT Indicators in Brief | November 2019
    Jan 2020
    "ICT Indicators in Brief: Monthly Issue" reviews a number of ICT indicators in Egypt; namely Mobile Phones, Fixed Phones, Internet, ICT Sector, ICT Sector’s Role in Development, and Post.
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    The State of Pre-Seed Startups in MENA
    Feb 2020
    The report is prepared by Wamda platform - an enabling platform for entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region - in collaboration with STEP Conference. It highlights the state of pre-seed startups in MENA.
    Benchmarking Report 6
    Feb 2020
    The report is prepared by the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), in collaboration with Rohde and Schwarz. This is an extensive benchmarking survey of the mobile networks in Egypt, with a focus on the four mobile operators’ network performance.
    2019 Africa Tech Venture Capital Report
    Feb 2020
    The report is prepared by Partech Africa Team. It focuses on Venture Capital (VC) deals of African technology startups in 2019.
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    Accessible Smart Cities Hackathon
    18 Feb 2020

    A documentary on Accessible Smart Cities Hackathon, organized by the National Academy of Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities (NAID), on February 12-14, in collaboration with the British Council, University College London (UCL), Microsoft and the Global Disability Innovation (GDI) Hub.
    03:01 | 34.6 MB
    First Specialized IoT Lab
    21 Jan 2020

    A video presenting the first specialized lab for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, in Egypt and the Middle East, established in collaboration between the Information Technology Institute (ITI) and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT).
    20:14 | 52.1 MB
    Wasel App Launching
    16 Jan 2020

    The video showcases launching the technical center and Wasel application, for serving people with hearing and speech impairments.
    02:15 | 2.4 MB
    Interview with ICT Minister Advisor for Social Responsibility, Services on AlHadath Alyoum Channel
    13 Jan 2020

    An interview with the ICT Minister’s Advisor for Social Responsibility and Services Abeer Shakweer on AlHadath Alyoum channel, where she talks about the role of the National Academy of Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities (NAID) in empowering disabled people and supporting their inclusion in the society.
    35:36 | 173 MB
    Egypt Post Development Journey
    8 Jan 2020

    A documentary highlighting Egypt Post’s development journey, from 1865 to date.
    02:27 | 29.9 MB
    ICT Minister Interview on Extra News Channel
    1 Jan 2020

    An interview was conducted with the ICT Minister Amr Talaat, on Extra News channel, where he announced that four packages of services will be provided to citizens through digitizing services, to be launched nationwide during 2020.
    49:21 | 170 MB
    ICT Minister Presentation at US-Egypt Future Prosperity Forum
    19 Nov 2019

    A video presenting the ICT Minister Amr Talaat’s presentation on the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) strategy, delivered at “Building an Economic Future Through Digital Transformation” session of the US-Egypt Future Prosperity Forum, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham), on November 18.
    27:12 | 130 MB

    ICT Minister Interview with ElWatan News
    29 Dec 2019

    In an interview conducted by ElWatan News, the ICT Minister Amr Talaat stated that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is now taking charge of achieving digital transformation, adding that moving the government to the New Administrative Capital will create a paperless government.
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