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    Minister's Interviews
    ICT Minister Speaks on El-Mehwar TV Channel
    Date Published: 16 Jan 2017      Time: 1:24:04     Size: 417 MB

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady spoke on El-Mehwar TV Channel, in Sabahak Aandna Program, talking about a number of key topics in the ICT field, including introducing the fourth-generation (4G) services to raise the level of services provided to citizens, and manufacturing mobile phones and tablets in Egypt. This is in addition to developing Egypt Post services and implementing training programs and activities for youth in the ICT field.

    ICT Minister Interview on Al Kahera Walnas Channel
    Date Published: 10 Nov 2016      Time: 05:38     Size: 61.5 MB

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady has been interviewed in Alkahera 360 program, on Al Kahera Walnas Channel, where he talked about the fourth generation (4G) license, worth 10 billion Egyptian pounds; the efforts exerted to attract foreign investments and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship; and the plans of automating a number of ministries to better serve citizens.

    ICT Minister Interview with Kol Youm Program
    Date Published: 20 Oct 2016      Time: 20:55     Size: 500 MB

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady has been interviewed on ON E Channel, in Kol Youm Program, discussing the latest developments achieved in the ICT sector, including the Fourth Generation (4G) license worth $1.1 billion, granted to the four telecoms in Egypt, which will contribute to increasing Internet speeds, improving the quality of the current service and introducing new services. He also talked about other developments in ICT sector such as technology parks, the development of post offices and other ICT projects.


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