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    ICT Minister Interview in Smart Village
    Date Published: 8 May 2017      Time: 38.14     Size: 597 MB

    On TEN TV channel, the ICT Minister Yasser ElKady was interviewed in Smart Village, where he talked about the Smart Village as a significant achievement, the ICT sectorís projects and initiatives that aim to improve the quality of services and provide job opportunities to young people, in addition to discussing other key relevant ICT issues.

    ICT Minister Interview on DMC TV Channel
    Date Published: 7 Mar 2017      Time: 1:30:02     Size: 176 MB

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady was interviewed on DMC TV Channel, where he talked about the ICT sector which, for the first time, ranked highest in growth rates during the initial quarter of the current fiscal year. He also talked about ongoing and future projects that the sector is implementing to promote economic growth and enhance development.

    ICT Minister Speaks on Extra News Channel
    Date Published: 6 Mar 2017      Time: 30:45     Size: 83.5 MB

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady was interviewed on Extra News Channel, where he talked about the ICT sector as one of the significant sectors that enhance development and economic growth. He tackled also other issues such as smart government, e-services, the Fourth Generation (4G), electronics manufacturing and designing in Egypt, ICT exports, Egypt Post offices modernization, the Presidential Initiative to enhance youth skills and other relevant issues.

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