Table of Contents Message from the Minister 07 Chapter 1: Telecommunications and Postal Service Infrastructure Telecommunications Infrastructure Egypt Post Cybersecurity Cloud Computing Green ICT ICT Measurements and Indicators 27 Chapter 2: Digital Government and ICT Infrastructure ICT for Education ICT for Health Development of Government Administrative Operations Development of Legislative Services e-Content 53 Chapter 3: Human Capacity Building Telecentres-Egypt Developing ICT Capacity 2 3 71 Chapter 4: Digital Citizenship Online Safety ICT for Community Integration ICTs for People with Disabilities 85 Chapter 5: ICT Industry Development Promoting ICT Exports ICT Industry Capacity Building Industry Infrastructure Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Technology Zones 111 Chapter 6: ICT Innovation Entrepreneurship e-Learning 129 Chapter 7: International Relations Regional Cooperation Bilateral Cooperation International Organizations and Initiatives