152 153 Executive actions were concluded to implement the unified license, thus developing the telecommunications market. Achievements were also recorded in the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) where post offices were automated to develop financial and societal services. Qualifying human calibers, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and supporting micro and small enterprises were of main concern throughout 2014. Infrastructure like the Smart Village, the technology park in Maadi and the new technology parks to be established soon across the country are factors to allow Egypt enjoy competitive advantage, making ICT a key sector for attracting investment. Moreover, core foundations were laid for partnership of the private sector, civil society organizations and global investments to expand in projects, promote electronics industry and surge growth rates of the sector. To meet the demands of the ICT sector, strong legislative environment was provided where proposals were finalized to amend a number of telecommunications laws, e-signature and public-private partnership in infrastructure projects. This is in addition to concluding proposals for the freedom of information law. MCIT also remains committed towards empowering people with disabilities by introducing technology solutions that help them integrate into the community. With vast dependency now on big data as well as internet services, Egypt is perfectly positioned to have some of the cloud computing services of major enterprises from the US and Europe to be built in the country. MCIT pursues a pioneering ICT sector, and is determined to carry on with its outstanding and effective role in developing Egypt’s national ICT sector, aiming at promoting the nation to a key player on the ICT global map. MCIT, since its inception, supports a prosperous Egyptian ICT sector and promotes sustainable development in all sectors of the state to promote the country’s economic progress and attract foreign investment. MCIT took concrete steps towards a robust ICT sector in the past year. It launched the broadband strategy which chiefly seeks to meet Egypt’s demands for broadband internet services, thus enhancing the efficiency of the internet infrastructure, linking the state’s apparatuses and improving the quality of services provided to citizens. Additionally, one of the landmark achievements has been the strategic role of the ICT sector in the new Suez Canal project. The Way Forward Egypt is keen to develop the ICT sector infrastructure, a key element for overall development, contributing to the expansion in the level of services provided to keep pace with the worldwide advancement in the field of telecommunications. The country pays a great attention to providing citizens with ICT for it has become a fundamental right for everyone. It is a key tool to impact and change communities, enhance levels of awareness for all segments of the society and look forward for a better future on all aspects. Egypt has, therefore, paid a great attention to providing citizens with this right in a non-discriminatory manner, in the belief of the significance of achieving human development.