14 Looking Forward to 2009 Looking Forward to 2009 Egypt is facing a number of challenges and opportunities in the coming year.Technological developments and new applications continue to impact nearly all aspects of the economy and society, and Egypt must keep abreast of these changes and position itself at the vanguard in order to maximize the potential benefits to its citizens and its economy. In addition, Egypt, like most other countries in the world, is feeling the impact of the global financial crisis.The country must continue its efforts to establish a successful position in the market, support its growing ICT industry, and increase the pace and scale of its investments in human development to expand investment and job and revenue creation.At the same time, Egypt must work hard to protect innovation and research and assure its citizens that their privacy and their families will be protected from the growing scale and severity of cyber crimes. The Egyptian government has reaffirmed Egypt’s commitment to use ICT as an essential component for socio- economic development and building an Information Society, and, in the coming year, will continue to focus on the priorities of building a strong, reliable, and pervasive ICT infrastructure, exporting ICT services, attracting increased foreign direct investment in the sector, and training a workforce that meets the needs of this continuously innovating industry. MCIT will continue to work to facilitate deployment of infrastructure, develop ICT human capacities, create market opportunities, and support deregulation and the involvement of the private sector involvement. 80 81