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    Automatic Vehicle Location

    Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) services was launched for the very first time in Egypt in June 2013; activated by Vodafone Egypt, Etisalat Egypt and Mobinil, with the collaboration of the Egyptian Tracking Services and Information Technology Company (ETIT).

    AVL services allow its users, including companies and individuals, to easily locate their vehicles, track their routes, speed and gas consumption, among others.

    AVL services allows individual users to effortlessly secure their vehicles and track them all day, as well as companies whereby they can manage their on ground fleet and track their routes.

    In the case where vehicles take detours, the service automatically sends alerts to the companies informing them of the new route, which is quite useful especially for companies that distribute water, food and petroleum.

    To activate this service, a GSM modem has to be installed in the vehicle integrated with a GPS receiver, which can also be useful in the unfortunate cases of theft. In that case, an SMS is sent to the device with the user’s information and secret code, and in turn the device activates the service by accurately locating the vehicle and sending an SMS with its location.


    §  Catch up with the technology advancement

    §  Provide a practical solution to car owners and companies and respond to local market and customers’ needs

    §  Achieve maximum benefits of the actual resources, such as vehicles, to increase the productivity of transportation, tourism, post, taxi and money, petroleum, food supply transfers

    §  Encourage investments in all sectors

    §  Provide new job opportunities

    §  Provide support for tracking services and security solutions

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