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    Community Development Portal

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Community Development Portals (supported by the ICT Trust Fund) are hosted at IT Clubs whereby NGOs collect and upload content with very specific local relevance.

    The Arabic language Community Development Portal (CDP) project was launched in 2004 under the name of Kenana Online, with pilot projects run by NGOs in Minya, Damietta, and Gharbiya. CDP aims to provide locally relevant information that helps people improve their standard of living. During 2005, time was devoted to increasing content and the number of hosting and information collection nodes. The portal now provides communities with information under five headings. These include the Small and Medium Enterprises Centre, which gives information on starting a small business; the Skills Centre, which lists vacancies, news and events and has access to training materials; the Civil Society Centre, which provides information on how to establish and run a civil organization, NGO or university group; the Agricultural Centre for information about agricultural and animal matters such as agricultural machinery or the breeding behavior of various species; and the Family Centre , which deals with family planning, basic health and disease, drug addiction, dieting and exercise.

    In order to create networks of similar websites, Kenanaonline introduced knowledge networking feature. Where each user creates his own network of favorite websites and can republish his network knowledge output in his own wesbite. Which enables the visitors to access more knowledge and more websites related the their topic of interest. CDP also provides email services, discussion forums and messaging facilities, and other services as the need for them becomes apparent. IT clubs and thirty interested NGOs and CSOs, in the five governorates of Gharbiya, Minya, Damietta, Assiut and Giza, have CDP information officers to help visitors use the Internet, create and use email, build websites, write CVs, search for jobs, and acquire basic IT skills using the tools and information available on Kenana Online. The ICT Trust Fund has also been funding support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the portal in the form of ideas, feasibility studies, advice and marketing tips.

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