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    Pilot Project for Hospital Automation

    Last Updated: 19 Apr 2016
    The project aims to automate the working system of the hospitals to improve performance and service quality, raise awareness of employees about technology and establish an e-medical record for visitors.

    The project also aims to establish technology infrastructure for hospitals including internal information network that entails all departments, servers, computers and printers. This necessitates to train employees on the basics of computer uses and then on the hospital management applications.

    Applications operation is divided into: 1) medical applications in relation with the patient like registry, labs, pharmacies, etc, 2) financial and administrative applications in relation with the hospitals like: storages, purchases, salaries, etc.


    § Establish e-medical record for each patient
    § Facilitate procedures on citizens
    § Automate working system at hospitals
    § Provide develop health services
    § Support decision-making
    § Raise awareness of the employees about technology


    The project was implemented in hospitals affiliated to:
    § Medical councils general secretariat, including: Al-Kahera El-Fatemya, Specialized Sheikh-Zayed hospitals
    § Health insurance organization, including: Atfal Misr (Egypt’s Children), Suez hospitals

    The project seeks to use the payment for service system that will be implemented at the Ain-Shams University hospital, Cardiology department. This will be marked by the applications that will maintain the sustainability of the project without the need to hire IT team to follow-up on the operation of the new system. This will help doctors in data entry without worrying about the IT system.

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