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    Mobile IT Clubs

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The Mobile IT Club (MITC) is a vehicle equipped with PC labs (10- 20 computers, data projectors, satellite connection for internet services, power generator, power stabilizers and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), a local area network, air-conditioning, a printer and a scanner).
    These vehicles tour remote areas and targets people in deprived communities who are interested in taking part in the information society.

    The program falls under the pillar of active citizenship and social communities’ empowerment which seeks building a knowledge society for the prosperity and well-being of Egyptian citizens using ICTs by means of customized technical solutions, integrated developmental components, human development, minorities’ inclusion and reaching different communities. 

    § Provide citizens with free access to technologies for each and every person in the society
    § Develop skills and knowledge through the use of technology
    § Increase computer literacy across Egypt

    MITC has spread and covered many areas:

    § ICT Illiteracy: by means of illiteracy eradication CDs (IE CDs), designed to eradicate illiteracy and spread basic knowledge using a set of learning activities embedded in familiar contexts of everyday life. The IE CDs are a set of simple, self-based, interactive computer tutorials includes topics on health, education, political rights, family care and the environment. The CDs were developed by the ICT-TF in cooperation with the General Authority on Literacy Adult Education (GALAE)
    § Agriculture: by means of providing support in delivering awareness sessions on ICT for agriculture issues, in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization FAO (RADCON project)
    § Women and Children by allocating buses to provide advocacy campaigns and specialized training programs that target groups in remote areas 
    § Health by means of constructing another Mobile IT Clubs called "Women's Mobile Health Unit (WMHU)" to promote a national campaign for early detection of breast cancer. In light of this program, Egyptian women especially who are over the age of 45, can visit these Units for mammography scans for the early discovery of breast cancer. The Units also measure blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The WMHU staff transmits breast scans to specialized physicians who review the scans and report back with recommended treatment or medical advice
    § Internet Safety by raising awareness of safe Internet usage in the community especially among students and youth, the best utilization of ICT tools and the real connection between the digital world and beneficiaries

    Status: ongoing

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