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    Integrated ICT solutions for Development – Nuba Project

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The Integrated ICT Development in Nubia project, funded by the ICT-Trust Fund, is based on promoting development in the various sectors of the society using technology solutions to establish a comprehensive developmental model that could be applied in remote communities.

    The Integrated ICT solutions for Development – Nubia Project aims to empower the local Nubian community, especially women, in areas of education, health, gender equality and employability through integrated and focused interventions using ICTs. 

    The project focuses on five main pillars as follows:
    § Community and civil society participation: Strengthening the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Nubian community development and promoting community participation 
    § Education:  Enhancing education and capacity building services on knowledge production for Nubian teachers and students
    § Health: Decreasing child and maternal mortality rates in Nubia through telemedicine solution and medical information system
    § Entrepreneurship/Employability: Increasing self-employment and income generation opportunities through empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)and entrepreneurship among youth in Nubia
    § Women Empowerment:  Empowering Nubian women using ICTs to be able to play more effective roles in their community

    Women Empowerment:
    § Institutional development of five NGOs in Nubia 
    § Conducting six awareness sessions highlighting women empowerment objectives, activities and expected impacts 
    § Creating a tier of professional cultural handicraft trainers and trainees in Nubia
    § Relative improvement of household income
    § Encouraging Nubians to produce artistic products and become entrepreneurs
    § Protecting the environment through the protection of natural raw materials that Nubians use for their handcrafts and natural dyes used in making the Egyptian manual carpets (kilim). Such practices help to preserve the natural life in Nubia. 

    § Creating a tier of professional trainers in Nubia that helped to train 250 SMEs
    § Relative improvement in household income through SMEs/ entrepreneurship 
    § Raising demand for various medical specialization via the tele-medicine
    § Conducting medical diagnose for 150 cases 
    § Providing patient record archive to form a local community database
    § Providing Job learning

    § Saving time and money and ensuring the sustainability of the updated content on the Internet 
    § Changing people’s attitude towards using raw materials in Nubia and to develop it in Aswan
    § Communicating with NGOs to learn about Nubia needs

    Status: ongoing

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