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    Digitization of the Cartographic Archives of the Egyptian Geographic Society

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The Egyptian Geographic Society (EGS) and CultNat signed a cooperation protocol to digitally document the rare collections of maps and historical photos takes place via scanning each one, categorizing, indexing, then saving them in a database for research and browsing purposes.

    Afterwards, a copy of the database is saved on CDs.

    Publications (paper and electronic) include topics determined by the two parties in Arabic, English and containing maps and photographs images


    § Digitally document the G.S. holdings using the latest technological methods available

    Future prospects

    § According to the protocol, this process is implemented through the following steps:
    § Save the rare collection of maps, photographic photos and setting  a system of how to circulate them inside the EGS.
    § Create an electronic database to another set of maps, for photos is easy to use for researchers
    § Save a copy of the above databases on CD-ROM
    § Develop and maintain historical maps and photographs of rare and regulate circulation within the Egyptian Geographic Society in order to protect Egypt's cultural heritage from damage
    § Create electronic catalogs of the Egyptian cultural heritage, which sheds light on the modernization plan and cultural development in the current era
    § Digitize the search services to facilitate them to customers, whether students or researchers from all over the world
    § Train personnel involved to deal with different technological tools in the field of maps and photographic photos

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