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    Egypt Memory Online Shop

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Egypt Memory Online Shop provides a great online shopping experience for the entire world through building ‘Egypt Memory’, the first Cultural Heritage e-Commerce model in the Middle East.

    Through a grant of technology and expertise from IBM, Egypt Memory represents a unique partnership that combined the use of IBM's innovative technologies and the Egyptian Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage's (CULTNAT) experience in the Egyptian heritage documentation field, to bring the most reliable e-commerce portal to the world.

    § Satisfy the high demand expressed by the ‘Eternal Egypt’ website visitors
    § license and use the Eternal Egypt high resolution images by availing these and many other high resolution images of the Egyptian heritage to the entire world at very competitive prices


    § The Egypt Memory website managed to include an unprecedented experience of high-resolution creative Royalty Free (RF) images that covers all the Egyptian culture from the dawn of the pharaohs to the modern era of independence
    § The website succeeded in including an enormous assortment of products (Books, CDs, Atlases, Maps and others), that presents all aspects of Egyptian heritage, all are available in the most accessible and usable way
    §  Images licensing transactions were held in a safe, e-commerce environment respected and protected user’s privacy
    §  The Egypt Memory website supported three languages (English, Arabic and French) with a selection of online tools, precise search and instant download, it caters to the rising demands of all the customers
    §  offered a vast choice and diversity at affordable price, best quality and continuously updated collection

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