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    Telecentre e-Learning Academy

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Established in 2009, the National Egypt telecentre E-learning Academy (NETA) strives to utilize ICTs in enhancing performance and ensuring the sustainability of telecentres across Egypt, enabling them to become more economically and socially sustainable, and effectively serve their surrounding communities.

    The project, in essence, is part of the Telecentre Academy global initiative, and it works towards creating an e-learning platform that provides qualified content for telecentres in Egypt.

    Courses are available upon free registration and include capacity building in management, basic IT, networks, Web 2.0 technologies, Internet and soft skills. 

    The program falls under the pillar of active citizenship and social communities’ empowerment which seeks building a knowledge society for the prosperity and well-being of Egyptian citizens using ICTs by means of customized technical solutions, integrated developmental components, human development, minorities’ inclusion and reaching different communities.

    § Build managerial capacity and enhance skills
    § Produce relevant content for telecentres' managers and operators
    § Work as a catalyst to positive social change at the community level 

    Key Strategies:
    § Technical Development: includes creating the institutional framework and technical aspects of the Egyptian Telecentre Academy in coordination with the Global Telecentre.org Academy, and creating comprehensive e-learning curricula with a customized content according to the needs of the academy's trainees 
    § Reaching Out and Capacity Building: includes reaching telecentre operators and managers from all telecentres within Egypt, who are engaged in Training of Trainers programs, online and face to face capacity building workshops
    § Awareness: delivering awareness seminars on the Academy e-curricula to make it more accessible to all 
    § Knowledge Sharing: includes disseminating the e-learning curricula, and creating a knowledge sharing platform to serve other local, as well as global telecentres

    Status: completed

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