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    Telecentre Network

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Telecentres are public places where people have access to computers, Internet and other digital technologies. They enable people to gather information and create, learn and communicate with others while developing their essential digital skills. 

    The project with the vision of "digital opportunities to alleviate poverty at the grassroots" focuses on knowledge, services and capacity-building, as well as deepening and strengthening national and regional level of telecentre networks.

    The project emerged from the global program (Telecentre.org) which supports the establishment and the sustainability of grassroots level telecentres. These telecentres offer services, skills and opportunities to people living in remote and rural locations around the world. 

    The Telecentre Network activities include supporting community through networking and knowledge sharing, Providing Arabic content relevant to telecentre management, offering e-learning platform and performing regular activities, publications and online sharing.

    To achieve inclusive growth and socio-economic development, the Telecentre project depends on empowering local telecentres stakeholders with key tools, among which are networking by building and nurturing a vibrant telecentre community in the MENA region using Arabic portals and several online and offline tools.

    Capacity development of staff is another tool to manage the network and create high value services that strengthen local telecentres activities across the region.

    There is also content in terms of exposure to knowledge, practices, challenges and solutions of other local and international telecenters and sharing their day-to-day experiences in different developmental fields. 

    Another tool is providing service by creating and managing an online telecentre helpdesk in order to deliver online support to practitioners from local communities.

    Among tools is creating platforms for online and offline knowledge sharing within Egypt and across the region, providing relevant Arabic content to all members.

    There is also the tool of building mutual cooperation and partnership with entities such as donors and community development organizations, as well as advocacy in implementing workshops, conferences and seminars to increase public awareness and mobilize the local community partners in order to actively work on enlarging content, maximizing benefits and sharing knowledge through the vibrant telecentre community.

    The program falls under the pillar of active citizenship and social communities’ empowerment which seeks building a knowledge society for the prosperity and well-being of Egyptian citizens using ICTs by means of customized technical solutions, integrated developmental components, human development, minorities’ inclusion and reaching different communities.

    § Support the creation of a strong and independent national telecentre network that provides on demand support services to all telecentres in Egypt
    § Spearhead the creation of a vibrant telecentre community in the MENA region
    § Increase the availability and accessibility to relevant Arabic knowledge on Telecentres’ challenges and opportunities
    § Build capacities and technical skills of practitioners

    § Since the initiation of Telecentre network in Egypt and MENA Region in 2008, it has managed to become an integral part of the Telecentre global network
    § In 2013, the project provided many resources for Telecentre library and participated in the global Telecentre Forum in Spain, SPARK. The MENA region has also participated in the Global Telecentre Award (GTA)

    Status: completed

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