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    Community Development Portals

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The community development portals, Kenanaonline, contribute to the enhancement of the knowledge society in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by leading and moderating the generation and management of credible and specialized knowledge portals. This is in addition to developing social mindset for using ICT in utilizing knowledge for sustainable community development. The portals support rural-urban integration into one knowledge society, and empower communities through the provision of easy access to information.

    The Kenananonline program was initiated based on three key concepts:

    1- The significance of knowledge for community development
    2- The value of establishing a sustainable mechanism for producing, managing and updating specialized, authenticated, efficient and professionally-presented Arabic content in various development fields
    3- The power of partnerships and networking for establishing knowledge-based organizations and building the knowledge society based on these key concepts; the kenanaonline tried to produce a workable model that could counterchallenge cultural stereotypes and social misconceptions that limit the sharing and utilization of knowledge in the MENA region. 

    Kenanaonline work scope depends mainly on two major strategies:

    1- Networking and Partnership
    The project aims at building a network of community partners from NGOs, experts, academia, universities, entrepreneurs and private sectors in every targeted field to be engaged in enriching the Arabic content with specialized knowledge in different fields. Each partner participates in establishing a promising information society and implicitly encourages activities related to networking, business opportunities and e-marketing. 

    2- Community Mobilization
    The project aims at developing a series of public activities including workshops, seminars and training sessions that are mainly directed towards raising awareness using Kenanaonline features and services. These activities target mobilizing the Arabic-speaking people to actively participate in enlarging Kenanaonline knowledge networks and enhancing the specialized free e-content. please visit Kenanaonline. 

    Kenananonline Portals:

    The agricultural and livestock portal( Aradina), the first reference of its kind in Egypt and the Arab world, is an online service whereby those interested in the field of agricultural production and livestock may find various articles, e-services, forums, and professional guidance in the field. The topics covered include: Fruits, crops, dairy products, animal produce, agricultural technology, fisheries and others. 
    For more information, please visit aradina.net.

    Bytona is a facility that provides various articles, forums and e-services catering to the needs, concerns, and questions of the Arab families. The main tackled topics by this portal are health, nutrition, home, furnishings and Decoration, motherhood, childcare, elegance, beauty, cooking, sports and many others. The content of the portal is greatly dependent on the contribution of the users, experts and professionals.

    For more information, please visit Byotna. 

    Youm Gedid
    Youm Gedid (Youth Portal) is an arena that provides various articles, forums and e-services that cater to the needs, concerns and questions of the Arab Youth. The main topics tackled by this portal are youth health, self-development, tourism and places of interest, entertainment and celebrities, opinion pieces, arts and literature, sciences and the environment, sports and automotive and information technology. The content of the portal is greatly dependent on the contribution of the users, experts, and professionals. 

    For more information, please visit Youm Gedid.

    Erada Portal 
    Erada is a specialized platform for People with Disabilities and their communities. It aims at providing access to free, easy and secured tools to create websites and portals on the internet in the field of disability. It also targets establishing Knowledge networks in the field of disability, as well as building capacities of stakeholders in the field of knowledge management.

    Erada portal entails all kinds of disabilities; such as visual, hearing, mental, physical, learning, as well as autism, early intervention, Disabled rights and regulations, syndromes, genetic diseases, behavioral and emotional disorder and others.

    For more information, please visit Erada Portal. 

    Ayadina Portal   
    Ayadina is an online venue, whereby users, experts and companies can share their knowledge and experiences with other M/SME owners through uploading articles, tips, and various pieces of information. The portal also includes a number of e-module/services that facilitate the management of the user’s business. 
    For more information, please visit Ayadina Portal.

    Zatak Portal
    It is a portal of  "Kenana Online", which targets spread knowledge in the field of human development in order to create new generations are able to determine their goals and build its future. 
    For more information, please visit Zatak Portal.

    The Egyptian Teacher:
    It is the portal of Kenanaonline community development –CDPs , specialized in upgrading education in Egypt.
    For more information, please visit The Egyptian Teacher.

    Poets and Writers Portal:
    Poets and writers Portal “poets.kenanaonline.com” is a new specialized electronic portal to embrace and encourage writers, poets, amateur and professionals, aiming to enrich the literary poetic movement. It consists of several sections, including literary writing skills, excerpts of poetry, poets and writers’ forum, articles and opinions. 

    The portals provide user-friendly online applications that allow users to build their online knowledge base to provide their communities with knowledge and consultancy in their respective fields of expertise. This service includes Business directory system, websites and blogs creations services, Internet marketing tools (Newsletter, classified Ads.), and Customer Relation Management.

    Activities also target mobilizing the Arabic-speaking people to actively participate in enlarging Kenanaonline knowledge networks and enhancing the specialized free e-content. 

    Status: ongoing

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