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    ICT for M/SMEs Development Program

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    ICT for M/SMEs Development program strives to create an enabling business environment to accelerate the development of M/SMEs through utilizing ICTs’ potentials.

    The program falls under the pillar of local economic development which Support the creation of a healthy competitive business environment for MSMEs and social entrepreneurs and increase jobs for youth using ICTs through means of human development, innovative technologies, Knowledge sharing and partnership. 

    § Foster the entrepreneurial mindsets of young Egyptians through developing highly specialized trainings and professional ICT tools
    § Enhance the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises
    § Share in solving the national unemployment problem   

    § Competency Training Program
    Through the capacity building program, the M/SMEs are exposed to technology and learn early how to avail of those modern tools. The program manages to professionally build the capacity and train small project owner on ICT Tools and online SMEs services
    § Train of Trainers (TOTs) workshops
    The workshops aim at building an efficient pool of trainers within local NGOs that act as implementing partners
    § Awareness Program
    The program works on diffusing the initial information of the potentials of ICT in M/SMEs, and removing the barriers that hinder the spread of ICT technology in M/SMEs
    § Competition/Award Program
    The program aims at enhancing the M/EMEs to utilize ICT solutions in their projects. Three competition awards were organized through the program with a total number of 250 participants, and resulted in 150 success stories

    Through the project, a series of integrated projects has been implemented which started with a two year project in partnership with International Development and Research Center- Canada  (IDRC) entitled “ICT for M/SMEs (ICT4MSME)” ; followed by a three-year project in collaboration with Microsoft Unlimited Potential (MS-UP) named "ICT Development for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Egypt", then a one-year Knowledge Quick-Win project with the Islamic Development Bank called "Telecenter Program for Rural Development"

    In 2011, MSUP signed a new cooperation protocol with ICT-TF to implement a new project entitled “ICT for youth employability”  aiming at upgrading the vocational education as a strategic choice for poor and unemployed vocational graduates who represents half of the Egyptian workforce. The project will build the IT capacities of 1000 youth to develop their professional skills in order to enhance their competitiveness and meet the labor market needs

    In 2012 the ICT Trust fund signed started a new agreement with the Japanese government to implement the “Youth Employment Generation Program in Egypt” program within March 2012 – February 2013

    Status: ongoing

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