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    PAN-African e-Network

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The project aims to establish the e-network between Africa and India, to be used in the remote treatment and education system. 47 states signed the agreement, where 12 Indian hospitals participated at the project to provide free consultancies and medical lectures, and seven Indian universities provided scholarships. This is in addition to five hospitals and five African regional universities.

    The Indian government offered a scholarship to the African Union through the ICT tools use to provide medical services, as well as scholarships to African countries for a period of five years. This takes place by equipping a distance learning location and a remote treatment location in each African country. 

    Egypt signed the agreement in December 7, 2007. The agreement was signed by the Egyptian ambassador in India on behalf of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. 48 African nations signed the agreement to launch the project which started in 2009. 

    The locations of e-learning center in the Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria University and the remote treatment location at Alexandria regional center for women health and development are equipped and are currently operating. 

    The regional university location at Alexandria University is currently being equipped as well as the highly specialized hospital location at the new educational hospital at Alexandria Medical School. 


    § Establish a network between Africa and India to use the remote treatment and e-learning systems


    The e-Learning Center at the Alexandria Faculty of Commerce was opened in July 2009 § The remote treatment center at Alexandria Regional Center for Women Health and Development was fully equipped in August 2009 

    § The new Educational Hospital of Alexandria was elected as the highly specialized regional hospital in North Africa 

    § Alexandria University was elected as the regional university in North Africa 

    § The project was inaugurated in Egypt in 16 August 2010 

    § An agreement with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was signed to provide a master’s degree in business administration where 32 students joined the program in February 2010

    § An agreement was signed with Madras University to provide post-graduate program- master’s degree in IT- where 45 students joined the program in July 2011

    § Alexandria Regional Center achieved the highest presence rates of the medical lectures in the African countries, where the live broadcast of the lectures started in November 2009 reaching 873 lectures and 19,130 audiences till July 2013 

    The medical lectures reached 533 in the presence of 12,900 pysicians. Students of business administration master reached 32, while the IT master students reached 45.

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