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    Last Updated: 19 Apr 2016
    The information available online about Egypt’s natural and cultural heritage is now very extensive and of a very high quality, thanks to the Centre for the Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CultNat) which was awarded an international prize at for the best e-content practice at the World Summit Award (WSA), held on the sidelines of WSIS 2005. MCIT is giving ongoing support to the creation of a database and digitization of the holdings of the National Archive of Egypt (Dar Al-Watha'aq). In addition to this, a new area of cooperation has opened between MCIT, Cairo Governorate and CultNat. This will document the governorate’s cultural aspects by upgrading Cairo’s geographic information database to include an investment map of Cairo, a tier on antiquities, historical sites, special natural sites, traffic networks, open and green spaces, and other projects that serve to enhance operations in this field. The agreement includes documenting Cairo’s architectural and artisanal heritage, in addition to compiling information for Cairo to be uploaded to the Organization of World Heritage Cities website. CultNat is also involved with MCIT and Luxor City in creating replicas of Luxor’s temples in a project called Little Luxor, along with another called Culturama, emphasizing Luxor’s heritage and tourist attractions. A partnership between CultNat and IBM created Eternal Egypt, which combines the most important locations, artifacts, people and stories from Egypt’s history into an online interactive multimedia experience. Three years in the making, the project has so far produced multimedia animations, 360 degree image sequences, panoramas of important locations, virtual environments, three-dimensional scans, real-time feeds from webcams and thousands of high-resolution images of ancient artifacts. These all weave together more than five millennia of Egyptian culture and civilization.

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