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    ICT Minister, APA Head Discuss Achievements of Integrated Technology System Development Project

    Cairo, 18 June 2017

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady received, today, the Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA) President Ali Mohamed Rizk to discuss the achievements of phase I of the project of developing APA integrated technological system, conducted within the cooperation agreement signed between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and APA in June 2016.

    Phase I included the completion of the system design and applications, the actual operation in two prosecution offices, and the intensive training of the APA staff, in preparation for phase II, which will include the rest of the prosecution offices nationwide. The work cycle management system was also transferred from the manual paper system to the electronic system, starting from the receipt of communications— to be referred to concerned prosecution officials— including the investigation and ending with the court ruling or the order to close the case. This is in addition to developing the APA information center to support and electronically connect all the APA departments. This development and automation contributes to improving the accuracy of the reports and speeding up the work cycles of complaints, communications and cases. A set of cloud computing and data analysis solutions has been implemented to activate the system.

    The meeting also reviewed the steps for implementing phase II of the project, including providing a unified electronic system for the APA work cycles in each of the departments of judicial inspection, the secretariat and recruitment; using e-signature inside and outside the APA; and adding a range of electronic services related the prosecution duties to be undertaken through the APA website. Such services include receiving citizens’ complaints and employment application forms from both APA members and staff.

    After the activation of this integrated electronic system, APA performance is expected to witness a great development through accelerating the inspection procedures for irregularities and corruption incidents, based on accurate information. The new system provides scheduled reports and statistics, through the monitors that displays the number of communications, to be referred to those in charge, in addition to the possibility of advanced research according to accurate information and data. Furthermore, it will greatly contribute to facilitating the follow-up, research, scrutiny and accurate analyzes that enable rapid decision-making and find linkages through the communications submitted, where the investigations will be in full digital form, in a manner that facilitates the speed of issuing orders and making decisions.

    This cooperation is within the framework of the government program for reform, combating corruption and enhancing the role of regulators by maximizing the IT role in providing accurate information to enable the state institutions to undertake their duties in combating corruption and administrative negligence.

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